Best short hairstyles for men

50+ Best Short Hairstyles & Haircuts For Men

Men’s short hair might be easy to control and maintain, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the style department. On the contrary, there’s a full slate of men’s short hairstyles from which to choose. Within this guide to short haircuts, you’ll discover curly tops, simple undercuts, short side front bangs and so much more.

To prove that the possibilities are almost limitless, we’ve compiled a list of more than 50 short hairstyles for men in one place. Each one will keep you on the cutting edge of modern hairstyle, and have you looking downright dashing. From basic boys cuts to fashion-forward perms to everything in between, you’ll find it all below, plus the occasional celebrity cameo.

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Of course, landing on the right men’s haircut isn’t as simple as merely scoping a bunch of photos. For example, you should consider everything from body type, personality, preferred clothing, circumstances, and face shape before settling into the barber’s chair. That’s because certain short haircuts will suit some men over others, becoming as integral to their identity as any apparel or accessory.

Man with short haircut Styling Hair

Men’s Short Hairstyle Tips and Tricks

What’s important is that you strike a balance between personal aesthetic and contemporary trends, making every strand and follicle work to your benefit. You should also be prepared to get handy with the hair product, as even short men’s haircuts can go horribly awry when left to their own devices. Hence, be sure to brush up on our tips and pointers before surveying images of the best men’s short hairstyles.

In the case of short haircuts, it’s important that you make yours stand out. Furthermore, each new year brings with it new styles and trends, so it’s equally important to keep up with the times.

Here are some pointers from the experts:

  1. Add Texture – Be sure to utilise texture to its fullest potential. More texture means more room to play with various looks and styles. That goes for simple haircuts and complicated ones alike. You can gain texture through layering, choosing the right cut, using quality shampoos and conditioners, using sea salt sprays and even adding natural highlights.
  2. Go a Little Longer – Try to go a little longer on the top than on the sides. A nice taper, fade or undercut compliments just about any short hairstyle on top and will serve you well.
  3. Add Product – Proper men’s hair products will help you go the extra style mile and allow you to experiment. Consider using some holding gel for conditioning and firmness, and then adding a touch (and just a touch) of pomade for texture and shine. Avoid the cheap stuff because you’ll get what you pay for
  4. Haircare – Don’t take your short hair for granted or let your aesthetic fall by the wayside. Visit your barber or hairdresser once every four weeks and maintain a diligent grooming regimen, including the removal of visible neck hair.
  5. If You’re Receding – If your men’s hair is thinning out and bald spots are forming, avoid the comb-over or equivalent equally transparent methods. Instead, go for a short crop cut, a buzz cut or shave your head entirely.
Haircut at barbarshop

Most Popular Men’s Short Haircuts & Styles Explained

Thanks to an overabundance of hair products, creative minds, and social trends there are all too many men’s short hairstyles out there in the modern world. As a result, it seems that more and more men veer a little closer to Zoolander territory one bowl cut at a time. Thankfully, most men still prefer a simple look that’s handsome but not necessarily runway-ready and there remain a few tried and true masculine styles that will never out of fashion.

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Here is a list of the best short hairstyles for men, but don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch, read on and find some inspiration in the style gallery:

short men's hairstyle example with outgrown buzz cut

1. Outgrown Buzz Cut

While easy to manage and therefore endlessly appealing to men, a proper buzz cut has taken on a new dimension in recent years. If you have healthy growing hair, avoid the military buzz cut and consider an outgrown buzz cut instead. The latter requires a little more maintenance and often some hair product, but what you get in return is more room to flaunt those follicles and demonstrate personal style. Grow out the cut just a tad more and you can play with texture or volume and achieve a desirable balance between precision and messiness.

Short Crop Cut hair

2. The Short Crop Cut

A solid crop cup is usually defined by short hair fixed close to the crown and commonly pointed forward or up. You can opt for equal length all around or juxtapose a longer top with a solid undercut and/or fade. With short men’s hair, the crop cut exudes sharpness. It’s a great look for the modern professional who works as hard as he plays.

Quiff Haircut

3. Swept Back Pompadour (or Quiff or Faux Hawk)

The pompadour might sound like something left over from 18th century France, but it’s actually a stunning look for men with short or medium length hair. There’s no need to go full Elvis. Instead, maintain a short men’s haircut and keep those follicles tame but nevertheless formidable. You have options here, like whether to go for a hard side part, prop it up or sweep it back. You might also consider tapering the sides. Whatever you decide, expect people to notice your new trendy cut. The juries out as to whether there’s a substantial difference between the pomp, quiff and faux hawk—I think we’ll let your barber deal with that one.

Messy Hair

4. Messy Hairstyle

It might look effortless, but a quality messy hairstyle is anything but. Not only is this style immensely popular, but it’s a classic way to find your own unique look without veering too far outside the box. Meanwhile, the aesthetic pairs a timeless sense of masculinity with modern grooming techniques. Throw a killer smile into the mix and you’ll be breaking hearts every time you walk out the door.

Comb Over

5. Comb Over with Hard Side Part

Speaking of masculinity, thanks to Don Draper, the men’s short-haired comb-over is back with a vengeance. As mentioned previously, comb-overs, or front flips as some like to coin, shouldn’t be used to mask thinning hair, however, if you’ve got the volume, apply some product and rock that part the way Mr Draper himself would be proud of.

undercut hair

6. Simple Undercut

The simple undercut is sharp and clean, this men’s short hairstyle leaves no room for wrong impressions and is as trendy as they come. Giving up the fade on the sides did not damage the overall style of a man opting to do his hair in this way. Cleanly shaved on the sides but with a richer top hair, this hairstyle can go well even with a more professional setting such as an interview or a business meeting. What’s more, the top hair will provide the basis of any future haircut. Though harder to maintain than other men’s hairstyles, the simple undercut is both practical and attractive.

pompadour hair cut

7. The Pompadour

Even after all this time, the pompadour remains synonymous with Elvis Presley, which doesn’t necessarily do the cut justice in terms of how far its come. Commonly distinguished by short hair on the back and sides, and full, voluminous hair on top, the popular men’s haircut requires a fair amount of product and maintenance but looks downright irresistible when executed properly. For a brilliant study in contrasts, go extra short on the back and sides by way of a fade or undercut.

buzz cut

8. Buzz Cut

Being the fastest hairstyle for men, shaving your entire head might sound like the lazy man’s way out, the truth is that a quality buzz cut can often do wonders for your overall appearance, especially when it plays off the contours of your face.  Oval and square-shaped faces usually go best with the buzz cut. Meanwhile, don’t think that the cut leaves no room for personal style, as there’s still some room to play with texture and length. While on the subject, should you take the length up a full notch, then you might find yourself in crew cut territory. Take it down a full notch and you’re now bald and proud.

4 back and sides haircut

9. 4 Back and Sides

Not every short back and sides haircut has to cling tightly to the crown. Instead of a buzz cut or undercut, ask your barber for a 4 back and sides cut, which keeps things uniformly short in length, but not too short. This cut also leaves plenty of room to play with texture and style.

Haircut at barbarshop black and white

50+ Men’s Short Hairstyle Images & Inspiration

Now that we’ve covered the basics, peruse images of over 50 men’s short haircuts to see which one is right for you. Good luck, gents!

Man with short haircut comb over
Short Haircut & Hairstyle for Man - Tall Spikey Fade
Short Haircut & Hairstyle for Man - Comb Over
Short Haircut & Hairstyle for Man - Pompadour pulled forward
Men with short haircut hairstyle
Short hairstyle haircut for men
Men with messy short haircut curly hairstyle
Short Haircut & Hairstyle for Man - Tall Pompadour
Short Haircut & Hairstyle for Man - Bowl Cut Spikey
Short Haircut & Hairstyle for Man - Spikey straight Fringe
Short Haircut & Hairstyle for Man - Waxy Comb Over
Short Haircut & Hairstyle for Man - Short Back and Sides
Short Haircut & Hairstyle for Man - Long Fringe
Model in short haircut hairstyle for men
Men with short haircut hairstyle
Short Haircut & Hairstyle for Man - Shrot Slick Back
Curly Short back and sides mens haircut on model
short curley fringe haircut on male model
short skinfade with slick back hair on male model
simple short back and side haircut on man
short spikey mohawk on man
Justin Timberlake short haircut hairstyle
Men with short haircut hairstyle
Nick Jonas short hairstyle haircut
Dave Franco with short buzzcut haircut hairstyle
Man with short hairstyle haircut
short skin fade with spikey hair on man
short back and sides with spikey tall fringe
tall mohawk with short back and sides on man
skin fade with curley pompadour
short back and sides haircut with longer fringe on top on man
Man with curly short haircut hairstyle
Man with short slick back haircut pompadour hairstyle
Ryan Reynolds with short
Man with short haircut hairstyle
Adam Levine man with short haircut hairstyle
Man with short haircut hairstyle
Man with messy short haircut hairstyle men
Man with silver hairstyle short haircut
Man with short haircut hairstyle with razor pattern
David Beckham with short haircut buzzcut hairstyle
Man with short haircut buzz cut hairstyle
Zayn malik man with short haircut hairstyle
Man with short haircut hairstyle side profile
short haircut hairstyle for men side view
side view man with short haircut
man with short hair cut at night
man with short hair cut buzz cut
Man with short hair cut buzz
Man with short haircut buzz cut

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General FAQ

What are some cool men's short hairstyles?

The short back and sides, the pompadour and the short crop haircut are all great stylish hairstyles to consider.

How should men style short hair?

Utilise texture, use high-quality men's hair products, visit your barber regularly.

How often should you cut short hair?

Once every three to six weeks.

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