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Adidas gazelle indoor in scarlet

The adidas Gazelle Indoor is a Gucci Gazelle Without the Gucci Price Tag

We’ve already discussed the rise of the adidas Samba, but that’s merely the surface level when you’re talking about the popularity of suede adidas shoes.

Once a sneaker you could find in any given outlet for around $40, the adidas Gazelle has been transformed by fashion influencers into a must-have shoe for 2023. Not only is it getting closer and closer to overtaking the Nike Panda Dunk in popularity, but the Gazelle Indoor has returned for the first time since 1979 to offer a cut-price alternative to the adidas x GUCCI Gazelle that kicked this trend off in the first place.

Here’s why we think the adidas Gazelle Indoor will become one of the headline sneakers for 2023.

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Adidas x gucci gazelle

adidas x GUCCI Gazelle | Image: GUCCI

Whether you’re talking about the Tobacco, Hamburg, BC Trainer, Samba or Gazelle, adidas has re-emerged as the king of suede shoes this year. And while they can’t compete with the likes of New Balance in terms of quality, they have the name and the collaborations to prove they’re making some of the most popular shoes in the business.

To cut to the chase, everyone’s looking for an adidas x GUCCI alternative, and the Gazelle Indoor is the answer. Originally released in 1979, the Gazelle Indoor has a classic slanted shape that lends itself to football (that’s ‘soccer’ for the yanks) but has been adopted by football fans, indie rockers and sneakerheads for decades.

The overall silhouette mimics the adidas x GUCCI Gazelle, particularly the transparent nature of the gum outsole where the shoe separates itself from a standard Gazelle. The similarities continue with a soft suede upper and a leather lining alongside the classic 3-Stripes and metallic-gold lettering that completes the authentic look.

While the adidas x GUCCI Gazelle is made in Italy, it’s hard to argue with the price point of the Gazelle Indoor. You can pick up a pair for yourself in a variety of colours for around $150 AUD via the ASOS link below, or take a look at the adidas website where you can find them for a retail price of $230 AUD. Our recommendation? Get in quick, these don’t hang around for long online.

Buy it here (adidas) Buy it here (GOAT) Buy it here (ASOS)

Adidas gazelle indoor in light blue on feet

adidas Gazelle Indoor on foot in light blue | Image: ASOS

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