Danner Dry Freddo Boots Are Made for Winter

Nancy Sinatra might have been singing about boots made for walking, but Danner Japan is singing a different tune. The Danner Dry Freddo B200 Boots are made for winter, and they’ll be walking all over those snow-covered wonderlands with no fear of Jack Frost nipping at any toes.

danner dry freddo boots side

The Danner Freddo B200 Boots are packed with 200g of “Thinsulate” insulation, which will keep your feet warm even when they’re buried in snow and ice. And speaking of ice, the Freddos are waterproof thanks to the “Danner Dry” membrane. You also won’t be slipping and sliding thanks to the grip provided by the Vibram soles. The Freddos will keep your feet warm, dry, and ready for more.

danner dry freddo boots  top

The Danner Freddo B200 Boots are exclusive to Japan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a pair through a proxy service. If you’re looking to kick Winter’s backside, you’ll want the right boots for the job, and that’s Danner Freddo B200s.

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