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Myrqvist stenhammer loafer 7

These $259 Handcrafted Loafers Are Your Gateway to the Post Sneaker World

We hear everyone talking about it, but what does it mean to truly immerse yourself into the post sneaker world? A space filled with overly expensive, underperforming footwear that makes your heels blister and the balls of your feet cringe. Where do these names even come from – Blackstock & Weber, Vinny’s, Sebago, GH Bass & Co, Toga Virilis and Tods? Where is Nike, Jordan and New Balance?! Why do loafers and leather boots look so appealing?! Well, my friend, you’ve entered a higher level of existence – this is the post-sneaker world – and you and your wallet are just living in it.

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Having spent the last 6-8 months immersing ourselves in the world of Goodyear welt, we’re here to share a quick bite of knowledge in the hope of making your sneaker transition easier. There are levels to the game, but the barrier of entry has always been far too high – $600, $700, $1200, $2000 loafers seem to be the norm of existence.

Thankfully, we’ve found a brand knocking down those barriers with words that loaferheads look for. Things like, handcrafted, Goodyear welted construction, Portruegese leather, full-grain, French tannery, cork fillings… it all just sounds so damn juicy. So who are they?

Myrqvist stenhammer loafer 5

We’re excited to introduced MYRQVIST. A brand that believes the true value of craftsmanship should not be based on the number of agents, distributors, retailers and their margins, but rather on the quality of raw materials and handcraft that goes into making it. They’re speaking our kind of language, and we think they’ll be speaking yours too. Designing, producing and selling their shoes directly to the consumer. All you have to do is avoid the middle man and reap the benefits.

Timeless details and timeless design, you can see it in the quality of their footwear. But, where we’re most excited to find it, is in their Stenhammer Loafers. These penny loafers just have that perfect shape about them where the toe is perfectly rounded – not too pointy, and not too stout – it’s perfect for casual wear under a pair of jeans or trousers, maybe even with a little sock show and tell to boot.

Myrqvist stenhammer loafer 2

Built on the same last as Mölle (one of their best sellers), finished with a thin half rubber sole, and constructed via the famous Goodyear method. You can literally wear these every day for the rest of your life, and why wouldn’t you? There are a number of colours to choose from and with an entry price of just US$259, these come in at a fraction of the cost of quality competitors. The post-sneaker world is calling your name, welcoming you with open arms.

MYRQVIST Stenhammer Loafer Features:

  • Construction: Goodyear welted construction
  • Manufacturing: Handcrafted in Portugal
  • Materials: Full-grain calf from the French tannery Du Puy, Leather board heel caps, cork filling.
  • Price: US$259
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