Patagonia Danner Boots Aren’t Disposable

The Patagonia Danner Boots were designed with one vision in mind—longevity. These boots are made to last. That’s not to say they aren’t functional; they’ll get you where you want to go and they’ll deliver on every product claim and promise. It’s also not to say that the boots aren’t comfortable; these are an all-day wear that you won’t want to take off at the end of the day. But the quality of most note with these boots is that you’ll be wearing them for years to come.

Obviously the quality of the boots plays into that longevity. The Patagonia Danner Boots use only the best materials, starting with a sticky rubber sole that not only protects you as you get to the water, but also gives you increased purchase in the water while you’re fishing. The boots also use stitchdown construction with waterproof, full-grain leather and a vibram outsole. Even those materials wouldn’t fully account for a lifetime investment, however. That’s why these boots are repairable. You’re not going to be treating these boots with a white glove, after all. You’ll be out in the wilds, where they’ll get beat up and abused. Each aspect of the boots is fully repairable by your local cobbler, so they’ll be around just as long as you are.

The boots come in four different styles—three under Patagonia’s Foot Tractor brand and the fourth has been dubbed the River Salt Wading Boot, and is perfect for fishermen.

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