Stylish $150 Loafers are Key to Your Transeasonal Wardrobe

Unlike your typical designer fashion, most footwear doesn’t abide by the rules of seasonal style, meaning a pair of prominent penny loafers can easily shift from winter to summer and vice versa without sabotaging your go-to look. Best of all, we’ve found a pair of these transeasonal accessories that can elevate your outfit for just $150.

Starting with the slim leather sole, the Chamberlain Penny loafers from Nisolo are a modern version of the timeless, classic penny loafers that go with almost everything. Featuring hand-cut, breathable leather and a cushioned insole, the Chamberlain will soon form to the shape of your foot, becoming one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes you own. That’s’ why leather is so appealing.

Chamberlain Penny Loafers

The Chamberlain Penny loafers are built with a full-length, soft leather insole and built-in arch support that’s cushioned for increased comfort. The classy yet durable nubuck leather outsole looks the part, while the 1-inch stacked leather heel with slip-free rubber cap merges form and function.

Chamberlain Penny Loafer

If the stunning $150 Chamberlain Penny loafers are your first pair of full leather shoes, you may be concerned that the fit is snug at first, but they will break-in and comfortably stretch after the first few wears. The loafers will increase in comfort each time you head out, quickly becoming the perfect fit. That’s the beauty of premium leather.

The Nisolo Chamberlain Penny loafers are available in Brandy, Oak and Black colourways, meaning there’s an option that suits your pants, jacket, shirt or shorts. Possibly all of the above, because you will be wearing these beauties from season to season.

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Chamberlain Penny Loafer

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