UA HOVR Machina Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

Underarmour is looking to achieve a sense of balance. Rather than having to weigh out whether you want more cushioning or lighter weight, UA is out to let you have both, and with the UA HOVR Machina, they may just have achieved that lofty goal.

UA HOVR Machina

The UA HOVR Machina takes the light weight of a racing shoe and combines it with the comfort of a long-distance trainer. “With the UA HOVR Machina,” says Topher Gaylord, the group general manager of Run, Train & Outdoor at Underarmour, “we’ve found the ideal balance of cushion and energy return in a lightweight package—delivering snappy speed and a smooth ride—to make a shoe for runners who want to break through their goals in 2020.” That balance is achieved in part thanks to the propulsion plate found in each Machina shoe. The plate is designed to help you keep your pace by helping you to get up on your toes, keep your turnover quick, and make the transition snappier. The Machina also has a new uncaged UA HOVR midsole that overs the benefits of HOVR cushioning while not adding weight. The shoes actually have 20 percent more UA HOVR cushioning, thanks to the elimination of the cage.

UA HOVR Machina side view

But it’s not just comfort and weight that have preoccupied the minds over at UA. They’ve also been thinking of how technology can help you improve your run. The Machina shoes come with the ability to digitally connect with a real-time Form Coaching service. This service provides personalized guidance throughout your run to help you keep your form where it should be. It also measures foot strike angle and ground contact time in order to provide post-run analysis. This data and analysis comes through the MapMyRun app. Ben McAllister, the senior director of MapMyRun and Connected Footwear, explains, “With UA connected footwear and real-time Form Coaching, you’re essentially getting a personalized coach, who gives instantaneous feedback to help you reach your goals. We’ve tested this feature with runners at all levels of the sport, and now also offer additional post-run data, such as foot strike angle and ground contact time, to give runners more insight than ever before.”

UA HOVR Machina top view

With the UA HOVR Machina, you’re getting the best of both short and long distance trainers, as well as the tech you need to improve your run.

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