Vans x @DavidBowie Collection Reference Classic Album Covers

Vans is following up their Led Zeppelin collaboration with a new collection featuring David Bowie—one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. The collection consists of four shoes: a Vans Old Skool, a Vans Era, a Vans SK8-Hi, and a Vans Slip On 47 V DX. Each shoe is designed to match up with one of Bowie’s Classic LPs.

david bowie collection

The lightning bolt that Bowie sported on his Aladdin Sane finds its way onto the Vans Old Skool. The leather upper is done in white with the red bolt. Across the hill is a two-tone Bowie.

orange david bowie sneakers collection

For the Vans Era, Vans went with the Space Era cover, decorating the shoe in blue polka dots and featuring Bowie’s scrawling signature.

vans sneakers collection

Another lightning bolt adorns the SK8-Hi shoes, this time from Ziggy Stardust. The shoes also use the typeface to brand the shoes as Bowies.

Finally, the Vans Slip On pay homage to Hunky Dory and its mustard yellow as well as it font.

Vans x @DavidBowie

You’ll also recognize classic Vans elements in the shoes, such as the checkerboard patterns, red heel badges, and dark gum outsoles. The shoes will be available in April, though there hasn’t been an official announcement about their release, and they are priced at USD$65 to $80.

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