Top 30 UK Men’s Fashion Blogs

Back when we covered the Top Australian Men’s Fashion Blogs, it turned out to be one of our most popular posts. It tells us there’s a real thirst for great online fashion blogs and content targeted at men with a taste for style. But what about the non-Aussie nations? We know they’ve got plenty to offer so we thought we’d share the love by covering some of our favourites in the Top 30 UK Men’s Fashion Blogs.

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Largely due to the UK weather, these lads bring a very different look to the table versus many of the Aussie blogs we previously covered. Think layering, warm winter jackets and clothes for all climates. So without further adieu here are the UK bloggers making a splash both in their home-towns and internationally.

daily street

The Daily Street

This blog is only called The Daily Street because The Daily news was already taken. Jammed pack with news about fashion, music and modern-day art (no Picasso sorry) with an Instagram of the week. They also feature interviews from sport starts to musicians. There is also a MIXTAPES section where different artists contribute to a playlist that you can listen to while “working”.



These guys are out to assist you in developing your own style the Individualism way. They really go out of their way to bring men’s style in original and entertaining ways. Fun fact: the founder and editor in chief is none other than the video style editor for Mr Porter.

permanent style

Permanent Style

This guy is all about the suits. Classic, elegant and something that will never go out of style. Great tips on anything suit wise from the tailors to the brands to how to wear it. And if you are stuck and can’t find it, just ask Permanent Style’s Simon and he will share his infinite wisdom with you.

mademoiselle robot


This blog originally started for friends to stay in touch but then started to focus on fashion and lifestyle. Predominately this is a blog for women fashion but they a Monsieur writing for the men. Warren Beckett pimps himself out to various blogs but is quite active on this particular blog and you can follow him on Twitter (RobotMonsieur) for more.



Architect student and fashion lover, Toni Tran, is the founder and model for Fashitects. For him, it is vital that all content is original hence his own model work. He has his own 170 Lookbooks and covers the London Fashion week religiously. Other topics covered include travelling, food, lifestyle and grooming. And to prove that he is actually studying architecture, a section is dedicated to his model building skills which are amazing.

From ape to gentleman

Ape To Gentleman

A blog to help you evolve from ape (not to be taken literally) to a well-groomed modern-day gentleman. This is a blog dedicated to men’s grooming, fashion and lifestyle including fashion and travel. The Ape To Gentleman idea is to reflect that all men should aspire should aspire to be gents and although being a gentleman encompasses many attributes, one very important attribute is pride in appearance.

singh street style

Singh Street Style

Pardeep Singh Bahra is the founder of Singh Street Style. He is a blogger, stylist, model, fashion designer, and photographer. He brings his own fashion to the world while retaining his culture turbaned. He is also the first Sikh turbaned man to be the global face for Samsung and was recently named as one of the top 10 fashion bloggers by Esquire magazine.

garcon jon


Garcon Jon is a blog helmed by renowned photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce. An award-winning photographer based out of London who has shot for the likes of Esquire and GQ. Garcon Jon conducts interviews with some of the most well-known and stylish men in various respective fields.

samuel jing

Samuel Jing

This is a leading men’s and young men’s fashion and style blog. It is supported by academic theories in consumer buying behaviour, fashion marketing and branding. Samuel Jing gets around rubbing shoulders with the biggest names out there.

michael 84


Michel Adams is a lover of life and fashion blogger. He focuses on fashion advice and style guides, male fragrance reviews and the latest trends. He also adds a playlist every month of what he is currently listening to.

royal fashionist

The Royal Fashionist

Marcos Paulo Silva has created The Royal Fashionist, a men’s guide with his blog focusing on fashion ideas, style inspiration, travel guides and fitness tips to stay in shape. He is big on a healthy fit life. On occasion, he dips into technology reviews.


Quyen Mike

Quyen Mike is a photographer and creative director in London. His eye is set on the world of fashion, design, music, and art and his motto is “Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness.” The blog follows his story and progress of self-taught artist and reflects his work and personal style.

The Everyday man

The Everyday Man

John Robertson started The Everday Man blog as a platform to share his like with the world and aims to publish the latest in men’s fashion, fitness and lifestyle, art, music and events. Fashion includes apparels and not just clothes and the grooming section deals with the finer things on looking good.

Boys from dagbon


Abdel Abdulai’s passion for photography and creativity pushed him towards his love for fashion and style. Each BoyFromDagbon post tells its own story and engaged and inspires the reader to recreate the looks. This blog is an encyclopaedia of style.

Steve Booker

Steve Booker

Steve Booker is a lover of fashion, design, photography, technology, people, good food and good coffee! His blog explores all before mentioned and he is open for things that readers want to see or hear about.

last style of defence

Last Style of Defense

Dan Hasby-Oliver is a menswear writer, brand ambassador and global men’s trends analyst. Last Style of Defense has had over 2 million readers since its creation and is ranked as one of the most influential menswear blogs in the world. He covers style, products and news mainly from London to Los Angeles.

buckets and spades

Buckets and Spades

Buckets & Spades is run by a guy named Mat. His blog is about fashion, design and lifestyle. He has an eye for the small finer things in life and delivers his honest opinion in reviews.

what's he wearing

What’s He Wearing?

If you are really into the fashion parades but don’t have time to scour the internet for each one then this one is for you. What’s He Wearing? is filled with the latest fashion news from the boardwalk and what celebrities were seen in. Who knew rapper 50 Cent can clean up so nicely?

street gentry

Street Gentry

The Street Gentry is run by three gentlemen simply known as the Rural Gent, Gent on the street and the Quintessential Gent. Each delivering their own perspective the blog features clothing trends, music, technology and culture.



Dappered is all for the guy on the street. Not all of us are fashion gurus or necessarily agrees with the fashion displayed on the boardwalk. A nice bunch of articles that makes you feel at home. And the kicker, they have a woman named Beth for whom you can ask questions to get the honest opinion and insight of the fairer race.

men's flair

Men’s Flair

Men’s Flair is more a magazine than a blog and is ideal for men with a flair for style and interests beyond fleeting looks of the season. The reason why I say the magazine is because they have an editor, two columnists and a bucket load of contributors, all living what they preach. It is all about style that is real, relevant and unpretentious.

Style & error

Style & Error

As far as I can figure it out the blog is run by a guy named Stubbs. He has a very tongue in cheek writing style and humour that I guess is British as I don’t always catch the joke. The world needs more honest people like Stubbs on Style & Error.


The Mitchelli

The Mitchelli is like an encyclopaedia of fashion. 101 Style tips as well as more detailed on suits, shirts, shoes and accessories. The blog also has a directory link to other well-known blogs and a glossary for the terms that you hear but is not always well known.

menswear style

Menswear Style

Menswear Style is also another independent daily online magazine for men’s fashion, grooming and lifestyle. Editorial and advertising are at the heart creating a clean and easy to used design-led website. They also cover cars to health and fitness and has some exclusive interviews in the bag.


Fashion Beans

Fashion Beans was founded by Ben Herbert who is the editor-in-chief and together with a host of gurus, resident writers and industry insiders they bring the most comprehensive fashion blog to you daily. With sites like these, it is no wonder that printed magazines are dying a slow death. They also have a link for popular fashion discount codes that you can use to make purchases online.

the urban gentleman

The Urban Gentleman

The Urban Gentleman has a mix of everything from high style to streetwear, grooming, health and fitness, cars and electronics as well as sales and deals where you can save some bucks. And if you feel you can write some good columns, they are hiring now.

mens fashion magazine

Men’s Fashion Magazine

Another nail in the coffin for printed magazines. Delivering style tips, industry news, fashion trends and the latest sales offers since 2011. The Men’s Fashion Magazine has been labelled as the number one online resource for men’s fashion and style.businesss of fashion

Business of Fashion

Business of Fashion was founded in 2007 by Imran Amed who is a fashion business advisor, writer and digital entrepreneur. Today it is a network of savvy writers and fashion insiders delivering a daily resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs worldwide.

style savage

Style Salvage

The Style Salvage guys run an on-going series of interviews with fashion insiders and get up close and personal with the designers of Menswear Day. Furthermore, they love learning how collections and products are made.

Grey Fox

David Evans started the Grey Fox Blog in 2011 aiming at men over 40. As we age it becomes harder to decide what to wear and how to dress and this is David’s response to the allure of middle-aged men.

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