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Best quartz watches for men

10 Best Quartz Watches to Wear Right Now

While arguably less distinguished than their mechanical counterparts, the best quartz watches are also far less expensive. Not only that, but they’re also consistently accurate, brimming with functionality, and much easier to maintain. Hence, what you sacrifice in craftsmanship, you make up for in value and dependability. Meanwhile, the best quartz watches still offer copious amounts of visual appeal, making them a sure bet for those who don’t have thousands to drop on a fancy timepiece. Simply put, just because there’s a battery under the case or a second hand that ticks instead of sweeps, it doesn’t mean your timepiece can’t be one of the best men’s watches on the market.

Best Quartz Watches at a Glance

Highlights from our list include the following options:

Now you’ve read our favourites, let’s check out the complete list.

Grand seiko sbgx261
Grand Seiko SBGX261 | Image: Grand Seiko

1. Grand Seiko SBGX261

Price: from AUD$3,300

  • Pros: With its minimalist layout, compact size, durable construction, precise movement, and heightened attention to detail, Grand Seiko’s SBGX261 makes for quintessential wristwear.
  • Cons: While affordable compared to other Grand Seiko models, the SBGX still costs about as much as a trusty mechanical watch. Some users may also find the design a little too basic and the bracelet clunky.

This entry-level watch from Grand Seiko is downright quintessential in its attention to detail and sense of harmony. The in-house 9F62 movement on which it runs is a conspicuous cut above the average quartz counterpart, complete with nine jewels and thermo-regulating properties. And did we mention that Seiko grows their own raw quartz and uses the cream of the crop for Grand Seiko movements? Wearers get adaptive accuracy as a result and long-lasting performance as well. Swap in a new battery once every few years and you have yourself a steadfast timepiece that will basically last as long as you do.

Case material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 37mm
Case thickness: 10mm
Movement: 9F62
Water resistance: 100M
Crystal type: sapphire

The citizen eco drive
The CITIZEN Eco-Drive ref. AQ4091-56M | Image: CITIZEN

2. The CITIZEN Eco-Drive AQ4091-56M

Price: from AU$3,260

  • Pros: Precisely powered by quartz movement, Citizen’s Eco-Drive watches harness solar energy to increase longevity. This particular model employs a rare Tosa Washi paper dial and super titanium construction along with choice features like a perpetual date calendar. Expect comfort, durability, and precision in equal measure.
  • Cons: When you consider the affordable cost of a standard Eco-Drive watch, the premium price of this one will seem a bit exorbitant by comparison. The watch is also supremely light on the wrist and some wearers might prefer a model with a bit more heft.

Citizen’s Eco-Drive watch series uses quartz power and solar technology to run for months at a time on a single charge. The broader range is famously affordable though not without its rarer and more expensive models such as this one. A dressy piece with super-titanium components, its signature calling card is a matte blue dial of ultra-thin, ultra-strong, hand-dyed Tosa Washi paper. Then we have features like a perpetual date calendar, injecting prime functionality into an otherwise minimalist framework. Citizen’s solar-powered Chronomaster is likewise quite desirable but also harder to find.

Case material: Super titanium
Case diameter: 40mm
Case thickness: 12.2mm
Movement accuracy: ±5 sec/year
Power reserve: 7 months
Water resistance: 100M
Crystal type: sapphire
Strap: super titanium

Cartier santos dumont ref wssa0022
Cartier Santos-Dumont ref. WSSA0022 | Image: Cartier

3. Cartier Santos-Dumont

Price: from AU$6,800

  • Pros: Quality meets legacy meets performance meets design on the quartz-powered version of Cartier’s Santos-Dumont watch. The aesthetic alone is worth the price of admission while the long-lasting battery makes it a dependable acquisition.
  • Cons: Some collectors might think that the words “Cartier” and “quartz” don’t belong in the same sentence and that you might as well get a mechanical watch for the price. At the very least, this model is considered entry-level for the brand.

With origins dating back to 1904 and the first wristwatches, Cartier’s Santos-Dumont line is nothing if not timeless. Indeed, one look at this quartz-powered iteration and you feel as though you’re stepping outside of any given decade or trend to behold some sort of invincible elegance. The satin-brushed sunray dial and distinctive Roman numerals drive home the piece’s unmistakable allure. Thanks to a high autonomy quartz movement, this model operates for six full years before the battery needs replacing. Also worthy of consideration is Cartier’s Tank Must model, which conjures a similar sense of timelessness and comes available with a quartz movement.

Case material: steel
Case diameter: 43.5 mm
Case thickness: 7.3 mm
Water resistance: 30M
Crystal type: sapphire
Strap: alligator

Tissot prx t137 410 11 051 00
Tissot PRX ref. T137.410.11.051.00 | Image: Tissot

4. Tissot PRX

Price: from AU$610

  • Pros: Tissot’s PRX delivers slim construction, reliable performance, and a classic 1970s design language at a terrific price.
  • Cons: You get what you pay for in this world and this watch might best be described as a starter piece for modern collectors.

The price is right on Tissot’s PRX, a quartz-powered wristwatch that combines unfettered performance with slim construction and a retro design language. One might call this the Platonic ideal of an affordable Swiss timepiece in that it sticks to the basics in a masterful fashion and cultivates effortless versatility. The Tonneau-shaped case makes for a nice touch and so too does the compact date window. Tissot’s automatic counterpart—the PRX Powermatic 80—is dressier by comparison and similarly affordable.

Case material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 40mm
Case thickness: 10mm
Movement: Swiss quartz
Water resistance: 100M
Crystal type: sapphire
Strap: stainless steel

Omega x swatch moonswatch 1
OMEGA x Swatch ‘MoonSwatch’ | Image: Swatch

5. OMEGA x Swatch ‘MoonSwatch’

Price: from AU$435

  • Pros: The MoonSwatch puts the “fun” in functionality and delivers bona fide performance by way of sturdy construction and various features.
  • Cons: This chronograph rolled out to serious hype and subsequent supply shortages, thereby disappointing some owners when they finally scored one. Also, bioceramics sounds fancy and is indeed durable, but it is also fairly similar to hard plastic.

For those who can’t (yet) afford a Speedmaster Moonwatch, consider this quartz-powered alternative. It teams OMEGA with Swatch (though let’s be honest—it’s basically a Swatch) and offers copious functionality for a fraction of the price. From Bioceramic construction comes lightweight durability while Super-LumiNova brings the myriad of subdials and other details to life under dark conditions. Look once and then look again because you probably missed something the first time, such as the discreet “S” concealed in the crystal dome. If you want to see how we’ve been wearing this watch, check out our full in-depth review.

Case material: Bioceramic
Case diameter: 42mm
Case thickness: 13.25mm
Movement: quartz
Water resistance: 30M
Crystal type: crystal over domed biosourced glass
Strap: Velcro

Q timex 38mm
Q Timex 38mm | Image: Timex

6. Q Timex 38mm

Price: from AU$249

  • Pros: Ergonomically sized and dressed to impress, the Q Timex Reissue offers a classic dive-inspired design language at an accessible price point.
  • Cons: This is no Rolex and it doesn’t feel like one either, nor does it offer the kind of specs that you’d find on a mechanical dive watch of a higher quality.

An iconic design heritage lives on with the Q Timex Reissue dive watch and its Pepsi bezel. This is certainly not a Rolex, but it can look like one at a quick glance, and that’s often the point. Plus, a mechanical dive watch of a similar style can cost tens of thousands of dollars while this one costs a few hundred. Slap one around your wrist for a piece that takes aesthetic cues from classic precursors, checks the appropriate boxes, and runs on updated quartz technology for consistent accuracy. Done and done.

Case material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 38mm
Case thickness: 11.5mm
Movement: quartz analog
Water resistance: 50M
Crystal type: acrylic
Strap: stainless steel

Bulova precisionist ref 96b252
Bulova Precisionist ref. 96B252 | Image: Bulova

7. Bulova Precisionist

Price: from AU$599

  • Pros: The Bulova Precisionist uses optimal quartz movement to generate prime accuracy and smooth operation, while the dazzling dial and minimalist layout impart stylish appeal.
  • Cons: The watch can feel a bit clunky on the wrist, and the use of mineral crystal might have some wearers pining for a better material.

Bulova’s Precisionist touches down on the classier end of the quartz-powered watch spectrum but still comes in at an affordable price point. From its high-performance movement, we get a 262 kHz vibrational frequency and an accuracy of plus/minus 10 seconds per year. A sweeping-style seconds hand distinguishes the piece from standard counterparts without (overly) compromising the battery life, and the dial is handsomely understated. Put it all together, and you get a stylish design and steadfast precision for around $600 AUD, making it one of the best quartz watches in its price range.

Case material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 42mm
Case thickness: 11mm
Movement accuracy: plus/minus 10 seconds per year
Water resistance: 100M
Crystal type: mineral
Strap: stainless steel

Tag heuer aquaracer professional 200 solargraph
TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph ref. WBP1180.BF0000 | Image: TAG Heuer

8. TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph

Price: from AU$4,450

  • Pros: Between its superior performance, brilliant clarity, and ultra-thin design, this solar-powered watch feels like a promising glimpse of the not-too-distant future.
  • Cons: Collectors can buy themselves a nice mechanical timepiece for around the same price, making this watch a harder sell than it may first appear.

Leave it to TAG Heuer to handily deliver one of the best quartz watches in history. Speaking of history, the Aquaracer 200 Solargraph is a game-changer in its respective domain. While not the first solar-powered watch, it’s arguably the most vital one to date, harnessing the sun’s energy to power the precise quartz movement and host of functions. Choose between a handful of stylish display colours and prepare to be bowled over by the lightweight feel of this sleek stunner. Meanwhile, some of you might be saying: “You had us at Aquaracer!”

Case material: steel
Case diameter: 40mm
Case thickness: 9.7mm
Water resistance: 200M
Crystal type: sapphire
Strap: steel

Frederique constant classics quartz chronograph triple calendar
Frederique Constant Classics Quartz Chronograph Triple Calendar ref. FC-296SW5B6B | Image: Frederique Constant

9. Frederique Constant Classics Quartz Chronograph Triple Calendar

Price: from AU$4,450

  • Pros: Brimming with functionality, this eye-catching chronograph blends classical and modern design elements and features high-quality materials both inside and out.
  • Cons: Here we have another expensive quartz watch that will have certain collectors asking themselves why they wouldn’t just buy a mechanical model (from a different brand, naturally) instead.

Even luxury watchmaker Frederique Constant is not above the occasional quartz-powered release such as this classic chronograph. Its modern display and symmetrical subdials cultivate seamless harmony between form and function, while a classical elegance persists. Subtle details like the red tip at the end of the seconds hand inject the perfect touch of visual contrast. Everything is built to the highest of standards but priced far less than the brand’s mechanical output. Call it the ideal point of entry as you wade into the world of Swiss luxury watchmaking.

Case material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 40mm
Case thickness: 10.56mm
Power reserve: 54 month battery life
Water resistance: 50M
Crystal type: sapphire
Strap: stainless steel

Longines hydroconquest quartz
Longines Hydroconquest Quartz ref. L3.740.4.56.6 | Image: Longines

10. Longines Hydroconquest

Price: from AU$1775

  • Pros: Technically innovative and gloriously designed, the Longines Hydroconquest combines the look and feel of a mechanical sports watch with the convenience and precision of a high-performance quartz movement.
  • Cons: Longines has plenty of awesome mechanical watches at similar price points and some collectors will find those models to be a more worthy investment.

The spirit of adventure prevails at Swiss watchmaker Longines and duly extends to the Hydroconquest dive watch. A quartz-powered titan if there ever was one, the piece delivers absolute legibility, brilliant accuracy, and durable construction, making it ready for anything. Its style is so alluring and timeless that it may make you a quartz convert for good. The brand also makes a line of V.H.P. ‘Very High Precision’ models, which run on exclusive and ultra-precise quartz movements with an accuracy of +/-5 seconds per year and are well worth your time (pun intended).

Case material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 41mm
Case thickness: 11.90mm
Water resistance: 300M
Crystal type: sapphire
Strap: stainless steel

Alternatives to These Quartz Watches

Still looking for a stellar quartz watch? We have you covered by way of the following alternatives, which deliver top-notch performance and expert design while touching down across a full range of price points.

  • Casio MRGB2000B-1A1 (from AU$4,199): This ultra-durable and solar-powered watch makes up part of the luxurious MR-G line, taking Casio’s G-SHOCK into premium terrain. It borrows visual cues from Japanese fans or folding screens and delivers even more functionality than meets the eye. Call it an essential addition to any modern adventurer’s arsenal.
  • Breitling Aerospace B70 Orbiter (from AU$6,790): If only the boldest quartz watch will suffice, look no further than this one. It was released on the 25th anniversary of the first nonstop circumnavigation of the globe in a balloon (for which an Orbiter tagged along and tracked key details). Now adorned with a striking orange dial, the piece generates an expert fusion of digital and mechanical design elements, thereby standing out as a true horological work of art. Meanwhile, the patented SuperQuartz movement on which it runs is 10 times more accurate than standard quartz.
  • Fears Redcliff 39.5 Date (from £3,150): After taking some time (as in 60 years) off, British luxury brand Fears returned to the fold in 2016 with the Redcliff Date collection, a brilliant range of quartz-powered watches. Each high-end watch is designed in Britain and made in Switzerland, delivering the best of two worlds as a result. Expect minimalist dials of striking hues, which hover beneath domes of high-grade sapphire crystal. Also available are a variety of interchangeable straps, each one going big on eye-catching colour. Find the colourway that captures your heart and proceed with confidence. In return, you’ll get another one of the best quartz watches for under $1000.
  • Techne Merlin 246 GB (from AU$240): If you’re on the hunt for the best quartz watch under $200, then your search ends here with the Merlin 246 Stainless Steel And Leather Watch from Techne. Named for the powerful piston engines once used in P-51 Mustang fighter planes, the watch is likewise formidable, yet not without an overtly stylish edge.
  • Marathon Medium Seach and Rescue Diver’s MSAR Quartz (from AU$1,200): While we’re on the subject of quality diver’s watches, check out the Search & Rescue Medium Diver’s Quartz from Marathon. Manufactured in Switzerland to US Government specifications and designed for actual search & rescue missions, this is yet another one of the best quartz watches for under $1000. Keeping the watch legible in all conditions and at all times are built-in tritium gas tubes, which last for up to 25 years. Under the skin is ETA F06 high-torque Quartz movement with 3 jewels and its own EOL (End-of-Life) indicator.
  • Braun Gents BN0095 Prestige Chronograph (from AU$900): Combining form and function to spectacular effect, the Braun Gents BN0095 Prestige Chronograph strikes a perfect balance. With impeccable precision, the award-winning timepiece blends a 43mm case of stainless steel with a sleek black dial and black rubber strap. Meanwhile, the Swiss quartz movement keeps the whole operation running smoothly. All that (and more) makes this one of the best quartz watches money can buy.

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