Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Et Petite Sonnerie watch

The Wind Up – Watch News #160

Welcome to this week’s instalment of our regular series covering all of the latest watch releases, The Wind Up. In this week’s round-up we’ll be featuring the latest pieces from the likes of Patek Philippe, Sinn, Credor and Urwerk. Enjoy gents!

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Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Et Petite Sonnerie

Featuring a grande sonnerie, a petite sonnerie, a minute repeater, a deadbeat seconds indicator, a strikework mode indicator (petite sonnerie, grande sonnerie and silence) and power reserve indicators for the movement and the strikework mechanisms, we think it’s fair to say that the Patek Philippe 6301P Grande Et Petite Sonnerie’s million dollar plus price-tag is somewhat justifiable. This is an insanely complex, mind-blowing expensive, stupidly beautiful watch that proves Patek Philippe truly is the king of watchmaking.

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Credor Eichi II

Made for the 140th anniversary of Seiko’s founding, the blue-dialled Eichi II is an extension of the stunning white-dialled versions. This particular model features a porcelain dial that has been hand-painted in Ruri blue, the Japanese word for lapis lazuli. It’s a gorgeous piece whose simplicity transcends its capabilities. The counterweight “C” on the seconds hand is perhaps the only ornate detail on the dial of the watch, a prominent and defining feature of virtually all Credor-made timepieces. This particular model is made in a platinum case and features the stunning Spring Drive calibre 7R14. Japanese haute horlogerie, ladies and gentlemen.

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New Sinn 105 Series

Sinn’s new 105 Series is a modern take on the traditional durable, rugged and utilitarian tool watches of yesteryear. Two models have been released, a day/date model and a GMT model. Both feature a solid case construct, easy-to-read dials and both are available on either a leather strap or steel bracelet. We really like the black dial versions of both models, with both variations also having the option of a white dial.

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Urwerk UR-100V Iron Limited Edition

New from Urwerk is its latest invention, the UR-100V Iron Limited Edition. Crafted steel and titanium, the UR-100V Iron Limited Edition features Urwerk’s distinctive satellite dial configuration made out of anodized aluminium which was then sanded and shot-blasted. The whole watch looks and feels very futuristic-like, but it’s important to remember that the use of satellite discs on the dial to depict the time is not a novel one, but it is one that Urwerk has perfected and truly made its own. The UR-100V Iron Limited Edition is limited to only 25 pieces and will be priced at 48,000CHF.

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