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The Wind Up – Watch News #239

Welcome back to the Wind Up, our weekly series featuring the latest watch releases of the past seven days. Last week we featured some incredible new watches, including the new Grand Seiko Skyflake, a moon phase complication addition to the Luminor Due as well as the latest super complicated Audemars Piguet Concept piece. This week is full of surprising new watches, including pieces from Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet and Dior. And we can’t forget the new green Chopard Alpine Eagle, either. Happy reading gents.

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Richard mille rm 88 tourbillon smiley

Richard Mille RM 88 Tourbillon Smiley | Image: Richard Mille

Richard Mille RM 88 Tourbillon Smiley

Richard Mille dropped its latest uber-expensive piece, the RM 88 Tourbillon Smiley. As the name implies, its main feature is a whopping smiley face on the dial, as well as on the crown. The RM 88 Tourbillon Smiley is encased in ATZ white ceramic and red gold, and features two baseplates. The first is a technical one, made to support the manufacture CRMT7 automatic tourbillon calibre, and the second to secure the colourful 3D elements on the dial. Pretty cool stuff which took Richard Mille three years to develop.

Brand: Richard Mille
Model: RM 88 Tourbillon Smiley
Reference Number: RM 88
Diameter: 48.15mm
Water Resistance: –
Calibre: CRMT7
Power Reserve: 50 hours
Price: CHF1,100,000

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Chopard alpine eagle with new green dial

Chopard Alpine Eagle ref. 298600-3014 | Image: Chopard

Chopard Alpine Eagle With New Green Dial

New from Chopard is the Alpine Eagle, now featuring a green dial. Drawing inspiration from the Alpine habitat of the white-tailed eagle, the green dial of the new Chopard Alpine Eagle is beautifully textured and has a lush, forest-like hue to it. It’s available in either stainless steel or 18k ethical rose gold, with neither model being limited.

Brand: Chopard
Model: Alpine Eagle
Reference Number: 298600-3014/295363-5007
Diameter: 41mm
Water Resistance: 100 metres
Calibre: 01.01-C
Power Reserve: 60 hours
Price: €16,100 (steel)/€55,400 (rose gold)

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Dior la d de dior black ultramatte

Dior La D De Dior Black Ultramatte | Image: Dior

Dior La D De Dior Black Ultramatte

From Dior we have the super luxe La D De Dior Black Ultramatte. Clad in black DLC-coated steel and with a black ultramatte steel dial, the new La D De Dior Black Ultramatte is the ultimate in stealth luxury. It’s a subtle endeavour of finishing, inconspicuous detailing and adorning features, with a prime highlight being that crown, which features an engraved Dior logo set with 13 brilliant-cut diamonds. There are also three brilliant-cut diamonds dial indices, rounded out with a stunning Milanese mesh strap finished in black DLC-coated steel. But one of the key features here is that gorgeous black DLC-coated steel bezel, finished off with a “Satine” motif.

Brand: Dior
Model: La D De Dior Black Ultramatte
Reference Number: CD04311X1208_0000
Diameter: 34mm
Water Resistance: 30 metres
Calibre: Quartz
Price: AUD$7,400

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Audemars piguet royal oak perpetual calendar blue ceramic

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Blue Ceramic | Image: Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Blue Ceramic

Audemars Piguet flexed its all-inspiring material-might with its latest piece, the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar encased entirely in blue ceramic with a matching blue ceramic bracelet. Oh, and a blue Grande Tapisserie dial. There’s a lot happening here, but the overarching theme of blue on blue on blue is clear and distinct. Audemars Piguet did it with black ceramic. Then they did it with white ceramic. And now they’ve definitely done it again with blue ceramic. But the real question is this: what’s next?

Brand: Audemars Piguet
Model: Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar
Reference Number: 26579CS.OO.1225CS.01
Diameter: 41mm
Water Resistance: 20 metres
Calibre: 5134
Power Reserve: 40 hours
Price: CHF129,000

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