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New On Netflix in August 2019

Every month Netflix releases a whopping amount of fresh content for us to soak up, like the little binge-watching sponges we are. This August is no different. Netflix has proven, yet again, that they are not afraid to mix up their schedule to deliver a little something for everyone.

Whether you’re after a bit of car-porn, ‘80s nostalgia or crawling into the mind of a serial killer, Man of Many has you covered; so without further delay, here is the very best of what is New To Netflix In August 2019. 

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Mindhunter: Season 2

It’s been almost two years since we left FBI agent Holden Ford travelling America in the ‘70s, interviewing serial killers and delving into the early practice of criminal psychology. This season the Behavioral Science Unit’s killer instincts move from theory into action when the FBI joins in a high-profile hunt for a serial child murderer. Be sure to keep an eye out for Aussie actor Damon Herriman playing Manson, who is also playing the famous cult-leader in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Release Date: 16 August 2019

Wu Assassins

Netflix dives into Kung Fu, sci-fi and Asian street food in Wu Assassins. The last in a line of ‘chosen ones’, a wannabe chef teams up with a homicide detective to unravel an ancient mystery and take down a branch of assassins. While it sounds like a Netflix exec was doing a bit too much booger-sugar when they delivered on this zany concept, we expect a few killer fight sequences and, at the very least, a relatively fresh and original storyline. 

Release Date: 8 August 2019

Glow: Season 3

After two killer seasons, Glow has returned for a third. As the gang kicks off a run of shows in glamorous Las Vegas, power struggles, sexual tension, and shifting priorities threaten their newly founded friendships. Featuring the likes of Alison Brie (aka Annie from Community) and up-and-comer Betty Gilpin in glitter and spandex (with some vaporwave aesthetics thrown in) what’s not to love?

Release Date: 9 August 2019

Better Than Us

Russia? Check. Dystopian future? Check. Murder? Check. Sounds good to us. Set in Moscow in a not-so-distant future where human beings coexist with robots, a man finds himself entangled in the first murder committed by an experimental humanoid. If you’re into intense storylines with cyberpunk themes this brand new Netflix Original is one to watch out for.

Release Date: 16 August 2019

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Remember the Dark Crystal? That vaguely creepy, gloriously ‘80s, puppet-fantasy extravaganza you’ve tried to forget? Well, it’s back to haunt your childhood dreams, friend. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance returns with an all-new adventure this time; when three Gelflings discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis’ power, they set out on an epic journey to ignite the fires of rebellion and save their world.

For fans of the show, Netflix is honouring the original with careful costume and set design, no, or at least very little CGI and beautiful imagery. Sure to ignite some ‘80s nostalgia for those of us who still remember the vivid puppet-ridden world of Thra.

Release Date: 30 August 2019

Dear White People: Volume 3

Kicking off the new month is a fresh season of Dear White People, one of the funniest shows out there. This Netflix dramedy is refreshingly blunt and brazen with its discussions about racism in the current age. It’s definitely worth a look-in, and with the first two seasons receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews it’s likely Season 3 won’t disappoint. 

Release Date: 2 August 2019

The Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 4

Former Daily Show correspondent, Hasan Minhaj, explores the modern geopolitical and cultural landscape through a comedic lens. Volume 3 episodes ranged from topics on cricket corruption to protests in Sudan, so this new season should be just as diverse. 

Release Date: 4 August 2019

The A-List

A remote island sleepaway camp sets the scene for this chilling new teen drama. What is meant to be an idyllic getaway on Peregrine Island turns sour when the enigmatic Amber arrives. Looking like a cross between Skins and Lord of the Flies, this brand new show may just be the next big thing for Netflix. 

Release Date: 30 August 2019

Droppin’ Cash: Season 2

Cold hard cash, fine-ass cars, and the wild, vain and Hollywood obsessed city of Los Angeles, are what Droppin’ Cash is all about. This reality tv-show follows the lives of musicians and athletes in the City of Angels as they “drop stacks” on the stuff we could only dream of. Whilst it’s not the classiest show, it’s a pretty good way to blow off some steam and get some insight into the lives of the super-rich. 

Release Date: 28 August 2019


The Cable Girls: Season 4

After three successful seasons, the Spanish period-drama is back. Amid social changes in 1931, a few friends get tangled in a murder mystery and must work together to solve it before one of them is sentenced to death. Each season so far has boasted a great twist, and we expect this new one will be no different. 

Release Date: 9 August 2019


Said to be a cross between Fast & Furious and Ninja Warrior (gross), this new Netflix reality show has elite street racers from around the world test their limits in supercharged custom cars on an insane automotive obstacle course. 

Release Date: 21 August 2019

Rust Valley Restorers

For the car lover that’s into builds that are a bit more low-key, Rust Valley Restorers is another of Netflix’s attempts to capture the auto-obsessed market. Featuring old-school auto-enthusiast Mike Hall restoring retro cars with his mate Avery and his son Connor, the three try to flip a few of their beautifully restored cars – and turn a profit in the process. 

Release Date: 23 August 2019



Father-to-be Alan is shocked to learn that he was born a sextuplet (all played by Marlon Wayans btw, and Jesus Christ Netflix stop doing this to us). With his newfound brother Russell riding shotgun, the duo sets out on “A hilarious journey to reunite with their remaining long-lost siblings”. We’re marking this one down as a movie to watch when you’re too hungover to function or if you’re Marlon Wayans’ friends and family.  

Release Date: 16 August 2019


Otherhood follows three friends who leave the suburbs and drive to New York City to ambush their adult sons on Mother’s Day. Written and directed by Cindy Chupack (screenwriter of Everybody loves Raymond, Modern Family and Sex and the City) this Netflix Film promises to be a genuinely funny mother-son comedy with a few ‘aww’ inducing moments thrown in. 

Release Date: 2 August 2019

Falling Inn Love

When city-girl Gabriela spontaneously enters a contest and wins a rustic New Zealand inn, she teams up with bighearted contractor Jake Taylor to fix and flip it. Netflix has the formula down-pat when it comes to the classic American rom-com that just scrapes by as acceptable, so this new title starring Christina Milian (The Oath) and Adam Demos (UnREAL) will, we’re sure, be just as passable. 

Release Date: August

The Little Switzerland

The discovery of the tomb of William Tell’s son in a town in the Basque Country spurs the village’s cantankerous citizens to lobby for Swiss annexation. With some notable historical figures and an interesting plot (despite what you’ve read here, this film does have promise), this one is worth a watch. 

Release Date: 16 August 2019


Simon Amstell: Set Free 

For something a little lighter, check out Simon Amstell’s new stand-up special, Set Free. Honest and introspective, Simon brings a fresh voice to comedy, discussing his neuroses, coming out to his father, relationships and more.

Release Date: 20 August 2019

Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready 

From comedian and actor, Tiffany Haddish comes They Ready. A new collection of half-hour stand-up comedy specials, the show features a diverse group of comedians with whom she shares a personal history; including Chaunté Wayans, April Macie, Tracey Ashley, Aida Rodriguez, Flame Monroe and Marlo Williams.

Release Date: 13 August 2019


The Family

‘It’s not about faith, it’s about power.’ 

If you’ve ever googled the Illuminati, here’s a doco for you. The Fellowship (also known as The Family) is a low-key Christian fundamentalist group that – unbeknownst to the rest of the world – has intertwined itself with US Politics. The Family follows investigative journalists as they expose The Fellowship as it quietly operates in the corridors of power in Washington, D.C. 

Release Date: 9 August 2019


Yale physician Dr. Lisa Sanders uses social media for good in this heart-wrenching and but uplifting doco. After writing a column for over 15 years for the New York Times about patients with rare and mysterious symptoms, she’s decided to change her approach to modern medicine. Sanders connects patients with mysterious medical conditions and ultimately crowdsources diagnoses for them.

Release Date: 16 August 2019

El Pepe: Una Vida Suprema 

If you haven’t heard about José “Pepe” Mujica, it’s time you did. This new documentary follows Mujica, former guerilla fighter and political prisoner turned Uruguayan president. The doco lets you get some insight into his extraordinary life, his values, and his ideal future. 

Release Date: 23 August 2019


Cannon Busters 

Based on the American fantasy comic book series by LeSean Thomas, Cannon Busters follows a robot, a renegade and a sensational pink Cadillac. Together they join the infectiously upbeat friendship droid S.A.M, on her quest to find her missing best friend. The trailer delivers to fans of the comic who’ve been waiting on the animated series since 2014, a true adaption. 

Release Date: 15 August 2019


Netflix has pumped out the follow up to the poorly received HERO MASK: Part I, which came out in December 2018. Season 2 comes back to detective James Blood, who is tasked with keeping a former LIVE scientist’s daughter safe as she may hold the key to exposing its crimes – that is if James can keep her alive and the SSC can fend off their new director. 

Release Date: 23 August 2019


Created and directed by Shinichir? Watanabe (Kids on the Slope, Cowboy Bebop) this 24 episode series should be on your must-watch list if you’re an anime enthusiast. With a phenomenal soundtrack, stunning visuals, thinking-mans plot and characters you’ll grow to love, the story follows part-timer Carole who meets rich girl Tuesday. Soon after, they each realize they’ve found the musical partner they needed all along. Together, they just might make it.

Release Date: 30 August 2019

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