Twitch Streamer Amouranth Selling Farts in a Jar for $1,000

Whether it’s Byron Baes or Belle Dephine’s bathwater, it’s safe to say humanity is on a cultural decline. Curiosity has become a commodity and the mass of savvy social media stars have been quick to cash in, none more so than Twitch streamer Amouranth. After being named the most-watched female streamer on the platform in 2021, she made the swift transition to OnlyFans, where her profile grew to enormous proportions. In fact, back in December, the 28-year-old cosplayer claimed she was making over $1 million per month on the subscription service. But as business-smart as she may be, her latest venture might be her most lucrative. In a video posted to her legion of fans, Amouranth, real name Kaitlyn Siragusa, confirmed she is now selling her jarred farts, strands of hair, and hot-tub water.

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Cleverly named ‘Cutie Pa-TOOT-ies Scents By Amouranth’, the limited edition jars are signed by the Twitch streamer and feature a strand of her iconic locks and of course, a personalised claptrap. So, how much would one pay for a jarred fart for a Twitch celebrity? According to the Cutie Pa-TOOT-ies website, around USD$999.99.

“I started a new business,” Amouranth wrote on Twitter announcing the venture. “Have you ever wanted to smell your favourite streamer or own their hot tub water (in physical form, not an NFT)? Say less.”

By all accounts, Amouranth is planning to sell 1,000 fart jars, alongside 3,000 autographed jars of her “hot-tub water” for $200 each. Pre-orders for the customised scents are currently open, however, the website does confirm that shipping delays may take effect.

“This is the Cutie Pa-TOOT-ies team’s first attempt at bottling and capturing clouds, there may be production lead time involved with making sure the bottled scents can be transported safely, which may increase production time,” the site reads. “The Cutie Patootie team will be very transparent in status updates on this first run of products on our social media, so make sure to follow for updates”

Remarkably, and perhaps alarmingly, Amouranth isn’t the first internet celebrity to sell their fart online. Former 90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto claimed to have earned close to USD$50,000 selling her fart jars, however, the empire collapsed before it took off. The self-described “fartrepreneur” was forced to take herself to hospital after her reported severe gas lead to serious health concerns. Word to the wise, maybe it’s better off sticking to bathwater.

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Featured Video from Man of Many

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