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The 14 best everyday carry lighters

14 Best Everyday Carry Lighters

Lighters and Ancient Greece Go hand-in-hand. According to Greek mythology, the God Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to humans so we could benefit from its many advantages. As punishment for his deed, Prometheus was chained to a rock to have his liver eaten daily by eagles until at some point Hercules arrived to set him free. And one has to imagine poor Prometheus, bound to that rock, the eagle picking away at his liver, wondering to himself: “Was it all worth it?” To which we say, “Yes, damn it! Now, who’s got a light!?”

To honour Prometheus or at the very least some truly brilliant ancestors, we pay tribute to fire. More specifically, we share some prime examples of the best everyday carry lighters so that you might put a little historical magic right there with you in your jeans pocket. And maybe the next time you whip out one of these everyday carry lighters to ignite a firecracker or just to stare at the flame, you’ll remember what kind of sacrifices were made eons ago by some God or some crafty dude who just liked to rub sticks together. Oh, who are we kidding? You’re staring at a lighter flame from a pocket lighter–you’re far too drunk to remember anything! Spruce up your lifestyle with these 14 unique EDC lighters.

Product image of Black Blaze Gold Lighter
Black Blaze Gold Lighter | Image: Black Blaze

1. Black Blaze Gold Lighter

If you’re looking for a stylish everyday carry lighter, look no further than the artful gold lighter from Black Blaze. Backed by a brand which specialises in homewares and fragrances, this creatively designed lighter has been designed in collaboration with Tsubota Pearl – a Japanese company known for creating stunning lighters. It is perfectly sized and ideal for lighting incense.

Brand: Black Blaze
Notable feature: sleek design
Price: AUD $48

Product image of Exotac titanLIGHT™ Refillable Lighter
Exotac titanLIGHT™ Refillable Lighter | Image: Exotac

2. Exotac titanLIGHT™ Refillable Lighter

A first of it’s kind, the titanLIGHT™ refillable lighter is durable, waterproof and packed with a ton of functional features. Available in 4 cool colours, this everyday carry lighter is equipped with an O-ring which allows for more burn time between refills. This handy little feature also ensures that the lighter remains securely waterproof to >1 meter and avoids evaporation of the lighter fluid.

Brand: Exotac
Notable features: waterproof, highly durable
Price: USD $109

Product image of Zippo Brass Pocket Lighter
Zippo Brass Pocket Lighters | Image: Zippo

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3. Zippo Brass Pocket Lighters

For an example of everyday carry lighters with a soft premium touch, look no further than mainstay brand Zippo. Their distinguished Brass Lighter goes all Renaissance with an unmistakable Venetian design and brass finish that makes you feel like you’re lighting up with the Medici Family. Of course, the hallmarks that made you fall in love with Zippo lighters in the first place (hinged lid, metal construction, refillable butane) are still present here so buy with confidence and start showing off to your friends. A classic in the best butane lighters category for sure.

Brand: Zippo
Notable features: protective coating, windproof
Price: varies by retailer

Product image of Davidoff Prestige Lighter
Davidoff Prestige Lighters | Image: Davidoff

4. Davidoff Prestige Lighters

Did we say the Zippo Brass Lighter would impress your friends? Well, it definitely won’t if one of those friends is carrying this majestic creation, a premium beauty finished off by a palladium-coated laquer. Davidoff’s Prestige range are much more than a simple EDC. Equipped with twin burners, they are available in 4 stunning finishes to perfectly compliment your Davidoff cigars. Welcome to the best luxury lighters list with this entry.

Brand: Davidoff
Notable feature: two opposing gas streams which create a fan-shaped flame
Price: check price and availability in store

Product image of Maratac Peanut Lighter XL
Maratac Peanut Lighter (XL) | Image: eCop Police Supply

5. Maratac Peanut Lighter (XL)

From Maratac comes a pocket-sized stunner that boasts a copper finish, titanium split rings and a spare parts kit containing wick, flint and O-rings. Other efficient features include a high absorption wick for easier ignition and a flattened end that has the ability to transform into a candle in case of emergencies. The Peanut XL also has 3 times more fuel than it’s predecessor, the Peanut.

Brand: Maratac
Notable features: removable lighter insert which changes into a waterproof pill vial
Price: AUD $109

Product image of S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Montparnasse Vertical Lines Lighter - Silver 16817
S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Montparnasse Vertical Lines Lighter – Silver 16817 | Image: Amazon

6. S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Montparnasse Vertical Lines Lighter – Silver 16817

Made in France and bolstered by a distinct vertical pattern with a silver-plated finish, the Ligne 2 Montparnasse is the kind of EDC lighter for when you want to catch a lady’s attention without having to say a word. It has a vintage look that puts other types of lighters to shame. Duly proving that not all everyday carry lighters are created equal, this is an entry that would surely make Prometheus proud!

Brand: S.T. Dupont
Notable features: clear “cling” opening sound
Price: varies by retailer

Product image of Clipper Reusable Lighters
Clipper Reusable Lighters | Image: NoveloCity

7. Clipper Reusable Lighters

If you’re looking for convenient and cost effective everyday carry lighter, then Clipper’s reusable lighters might be the one for you. Available in sets of fun, neon colours, they are still extremely efficient with optimal lighting and sparking functionalities. For it’s price point, it serves all the purposes of an EDC and can hold it’s flame in windy conditions.

Brand: Clipper
Notable features: removable igniter and flint assembly
Price: price varies by retailer

Product image of PitaTag Lighter
PitaTag Lighter | Image: PITAKA

8. PitaTag Lighter

PitaTag took the conventional everyday carry lighter and gave it a genius, innovative upgrade. Never lose your lighter again with it’s custom made personalised engraving. What’s more, it’s even designed to fit an AirTag so you can keep a third eye on your lighter. With technology at the helm, this lighter is made from military-grade aramid fibre and zinc alloy, to give it a premium finish.

Brand: PitaTag
Notable features: windproof, pyramid-shaped flame, holds Air Tag for easy tracking
Price: USD $62.99

Product image of Colibri Enterprise Triple Jet Lighter
Colibri Enterprise Triple Jet Lighter | Image: Colibri

9. Colibri Enterprise Triple Jet Lighter

Swiss-made Colibri lures in the lighter enthusiasts with the promise of a wind-resistant triple jet flame and built-in stainless steel cigar punch. As if that’s not enough, it also has a fuel level indicator so you may never go butane-less again. Compact and luxe in design and colour choices, Colibri has some of the best butane lighters in the biz, trust us.

Brand: Colibri
Notable features: triple wind resistant jet flames
Price: varies by retailer

Product image of Zippo Chrome Lighter
Zippo Chrome Lighter | Image: Amazon

10. Zippo Chrome Lighter

Keep it classy and classic with the original article that became the gold standard for premium everyday carry lighters. Zippo, now a mainstay in top vintage lighter brands, has been enhancing the lighter experience for decades by way of a snappy metal case and a strong, wind-proof flame. The Zippo Chrome Lighter is an effortless, affordable product that heeds the call of “got a light?” in tried and true style. One of the coolest lighters for lovers of the classic look, and one of the best zippo lighters around.

Brand: Zippo
Notable features: windproof design, all metal construction
Price: varies by retailer

Product image of Tough Tesla Lighter 2.0
Tough Tesla Lighter 2.0 | Image: Survival Frog

11. Tough Tesla Lighter 2.0

If you need a reliable, dependable camping companion, look no further than the Tough Tesla lighter. It’s Windproof, waterproof and fast-charging, this EDC is a outdoor must-have. It has tons of features like a handy built-in flashlight to help you locate tinder and a lanyard which also doubles as a fire starter at it’s core. Tough indeed.

Brand: Tough Tesla
Notable features: dual-arc design, rubberised plastic casing and 2 hours fast-charging flashlight
Price: USD $24.47

Product image of Dissim Inverted Soft Flame Lighter
Dissim Inverted Soft Flame Lighter | Image: Dissim

12. Dissim Inverted Soft Flame Lighter

With a trademarked circle grip design, this everyday carry lighter is simple, effective, functional with a subtle design. It is armed with a low temperature, candle-like flame, angled port, and a top-quality ignition capability. Dissim’s soft flame inverter lighters come in a variety of colours to spice things up whenever you chose to light up next.

Brand: Dissim
Notable features: circle grip, adjustable flame
Price: USD $88

Product image of Lotus 48 Apollo Blue Lacquer Cigar Lighter
Lotus 48 Apollo Blue Lacquer Cigar Lighter | Image: Lotus Lighters

13. Lotus 48 Apollo Blue Lacquer Cigar Lighter

For the man who wants a reliable upgrade that will look cool and get the job done, consider the Lotus Apollo. It features a double wind-resistant torch flame that burns orange and blue on the colour spectrum. Some everyday carry lighters take the word “every day” seriously and this is one of them. In other words, the Lotus 48 is made for someone who simply doesn’t know where his day might take him. A durable modern lighter for any occasion.

Brand: Lotus
Notable features: wind-resistant torch flame
Price: varies by retailer

Product image of Vector® Thundra Desktop Lighter
Vector® Thundra Desktop Lighter | Image: Al Noor LLC

14. Vector® Thundra Desktop Lighter

The Vector® is an all metal, long-lasting pocket lighter that’s insanely dependable. With some triple flame action and an extra large fuel tank, the Vector® has a seriously loyal following among cigar aficionados and lighter lovers alike. Plenty of other EDC lighters can probably learn a thing or two from the Vector®.

Brand: Vector
Notable features: triple torch flame type, wind resistant
Price: USD $60

Key Features of an Everyday Lighter

There are a few things you’ll need to be on the lookout for when buying an everyday lighter so it doesn’t let you down when you need it the most. Here they are:

  • Design – consider your needs as lighters vary greatly in their exteriors. Design includes the material, size and overall finish. Some might be more compact, which are ideal for day-to-day usage, while you might need something with a better grip and ergonomics when you go camping. More premium finishes are ideal for smoking cigars.
  • Fuel and flame – most lighters are powered by lighter fluid or butane, both traditional fuel types which are highly dependable. Flames also vary in intensity, ranging from soft flame, torch or plasma beam. Electric lighters which are battery operated aren’t common or recommended due to their lower effectiveness in emergencies.
  • Durability – this is essential if you’re looking to use your lighter outdoors. The EDC should be waterproof, with a windproof flame, and have a sturdy exterior built to cope with the elements.

General FAQ

What is the best utility lighter?

A Zippo Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter is one of the best, most reliable, and more affordable utility lighters on the market.

What are the different types of lighters?

Lighters can range from the classic sparkwheel lighters, to the modern electric coil lighters.

What is the most affordable lighter?

A Djeep lighter is one of the more affordable lighters available.

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