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10 Best Hip Flasks to Carry Right Now

Your weapon of choice for the weekend ahead, the best hip flasks have you covered during camping trips, concerts, and pretty much anywhere in between (within reason, of course). And what makes for a great hip flask, exactly? For starters, you should look for a flask that’s constructed from a material that won’t deteriorate over time or compromise the flavour of the drink inside. You’ll also agree that a pocket-friendly design and value-minded price tag wouldn’t hurt either. Here’s to never waiting in long lines or paying for overpriced drinks again!

Best Hip Flasks at a Glance

Highlights from our list include:

Now that we’ve looked at our favourites, let’s check out the complete list.

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Product image of Georg Jensen SKY Hip Flask with white background
Georg Jensen SKY Hip Flask | Image: Georg Jensen

1. Georg Jensen SKY Hip Flask

Price: from AUD$120

With its avant-garde aesthetic, ergonomic design, and stainless steel construction, this one-of-a-kind hip flask covers all the essentials and looks downright eye-popping in the process. The SKY’s volume of 150ml puts it on the smaller end of the size spectrum. Some buyers might think the design also veers a bit too far outside the box.

A hip flask perhaps, but this sculpture-like stunner is also a work of art. Scandinavian designer Aurelien Barbry was inspired by the shapes of clouds when bringing it to life, while stainless steel construction and a mirror-polished surface come in to finish the job. As it turns out, cloud-shaped hip flasks are more ergonomic and user-friendly than their standard counterparts, which is yet one more reason to throw down a little extra cash for this one. Sealing the deal is a carry handle of premium leather.

Volume: 150ml
Materials: Mirror-polished stainless steel, leather and skin

Product image of Stanley 1913 Classic Easy Fill Flask with white background
Stanley 1913 Classic Easy Fill Flask | Image: Stanley 1913

2. Stanley 1913 Classic Easy Fill Flask

Price: from AUD$44.95

True to form, Stanley’s 1913 Classic Easy Fill covers all the basics and throws in a wide mouth for good measure.While reliable and functional, the flask’s retro design might seem a little rudimentary for certain users. Furthermore, stainless steel can influence the flavour of your whisky.

Stanley’s 1913 Classic Easy Fill Flask is a classic indeed, with design elements that go back over a century. Look beyond the retro aesthetic to discover a truly functional product that slips effortlessly into your pocket and offers more volume than its slim silhouette might suggest. Stainless steel makes for a reliable (albeit not perfect) interior material while the wide mouth size enables easy sipping and refilling. When it comes to the basics, this durable hip flask is one of the best that money can buy.

Volume: 8oz (240 ml)
Materials: Stainless steel with BPA-free plastics and attached lid

Product image of Snow Peak Titanium Flask M with white background
Snow Peak Titanium Flask M | Image: Snow Peak

3. Snow Peak Titanium Flask M

Price: from AUD$240

Thanks to the use of titanium, this slim hip flask delivers long-lasting durability, brilliant flavor retention, and a streamlined aesthetic.Some owners knock the inferior quality of the adjoining plastic funnel. Others may wish that the flask offered a little more volume for your buck.

Snow Peak’s minimalist hip flask is made in Japan from trusty titanium, an ultra-durable and non-reactive material that won’t hinder the flavour of your whisky. A compact design and lightweight feel make it all the more perfect for weekend travel. This may very well be the best hip flask for outdoor adventures such as camping, fishing, and hiking. A plastic funnel is included with your purchase.

Volume: 4.7oz (139ml)
Materials: Lightweight titanium with a funnel for pouring

Product image of Nalgene 10oz Flask with white background
Nalgene 10oz Flask | Image: Nalgene

4. Nalgene 10oz Flask

Price: from AUD$36

Forged from high-quality plastic, Nalgene’s flask offers a generous capacity and seamless functionality, plus a leak-proof guarantee. It might save you a few bucks, but this hip flask hinges on ugliness and arguably uses inferior materials when compared to higher-end counterparts.

This slender hip flask from Nalgene is about as unfettered as it gets with an affordable price tag to match. It doesn’t overthink things in the material department, employing BPA/BPS-free plastic construction and a leak-proof cap that doubles as a shot glass. Bring in the roomy 10oz capacity and you have everything you need from a hip flask except high-grade material or any semblance of style.

Volume: 10oz (295ml)
Materials: BPA/BPS free plastic that’s dishwasher safe and leak-proof guarantee

Product image of Jacob Bromwell Model One with white background
Jacob Bromwell Model One | Image: Jacob Bromwell

5. Jacob Bromwell Model One

Price: from USD$100

Jacob Bomwell’s Model One is built for the timeless male archetype, hence its hefty construction of solid copper and iconic retro design. The flask’s industrial aesthetic and robust weight won’t appeal to those who want something modern-looking and inconspicuous.

If you want to sip whisky in the style of your grandpa’s grandpa’s grandpa, we have just the flask for you. Forged from 22 gauge solid copper with a SuperPolish finish and a molten, lead-free tin interior, the Model One is a perfect gift for masculine whisky drinkers. The name refers to the original 1819 model from which it takes design cues, though we can safely assume the flask has been upgraded to meet modern performance standards. When only industrial-grade weight and durability will suffice, accept nothing less.

Volume: 9oz (266ml)
Materials: Solid copper construction with SuperPolish finish while the inside is lead-free tin

Product image of VSSL Flask with white background
VSSL Flask | Image: VSSL

6. VSSL Flask

Price: from AUD$164.90

A true multi-purpose product, VSSL’s flask combines a roomy interior chamber with a host of additional components, making it perfect for the outdoors.We use the term “hip flask” quite loosely when referring to this baton-like vessel, which won’t be as easy to carry or conceal as traditional hip flasks. It’s also rather heavy.

When is a flask so much more than a flask? When it’s this one from outdoor Legends VSSL. Like something out of James Bond, the military-grade vessel packs a compass, LED flashlight, and two collapsible shot glasses of stainless steel into its cylindrical framework. That’s all in addition to a long interior chamber, which holds up to 8oz of liquid and comes lined in shatterproof, non-permeable glass.

Volume: 8oz (240 ml)
Materials: Holds same liquid as most flasks but adds a flashlight and two collapsible shot glasses

Product image of Sir Jack's Sterling Silver Hip Flask with white background
Sir Jack’s Sterling Silver Hip Flask | Image: Sir Jack’s

7. Sir Jack’s Sterling Silver Hip Flask

Price: from USD$1,995

With its handcrafted construction of premium sterling silver, Sir Jack’s hip flask offers superlative quality and doubles as a worthy collectible.An outrageous price tag undermines the flask’s intended functionality, as many owners might be hesitant to fill it with liquid.

To fill or not to fill? That’s the question one might ask themselves after scoping this handmade hip flask of pure sterling silver, which costs about as much as a mortgage payment. Polished to perfection, it emanates with luxury and features subtle emblems and symbols at the bottom. There’s also the option to have it personally engraved, should you want to get Jeff Bezos something for his birthday. It’s one of the best hip flasks money can buy, but only if you have a lot of money.

Volume: 7oz (207ml)
Materials: Handmade in England from sterling silver (.925) with a bayonet captive top.

Product image of Rabbit Tethered Hip Flask with white background
Rabbit Tethered Hip Flask | Image: Rabbit Wine

8. Rabbit Tethered Hip Flask

Price: from USD$24

This streamlined hip flask gets the job done for a great price with the additional feature of a tethered cap. A very small spout makes it hard to clean the flask’s interior or pour liquid inside. Some users have complained about leakage.

If you’re looking for a slim and sturdy hip flask at an unbeatable price, slip this one from Rabbit into your pocket. Touting stainless steel construction with a brushed finish, it uses a silicone tether attachment to ensure that you never misplace the screw cap. If there’s a recurring customer complaint, it’s that the spout is a tad too small. The 10-year warranty is a nice touch, though.

Volume: 6oz (177ml)
Materials: Stainless steel with a brushed finish and screw cap

Product image of Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask with white background
Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask | Image: Vargo

9. Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask

Price: from AUD$117

This titanium flask checks all the boxes when it comes to serving the needs of modern consumers. For something sturdy and lightweight that won’t hinder the flavour of your whisky, look no further. Some customers have reported leaks and manufacturing defects. Also, the price tag might be a bit too high for certain buyers.

Vargo’s Titanium Funnel Flask earns our vote for the best hip flask overall, namely because it delivers everything you want for a relatively decent price. With titanium construction comes a sturdy but lightweight product that won’t hinder the flavour of your whisky or liquid of choice. It’s also slim enough to fit into your pocket but equipped with a generous 8 oz capacity. And no one is going to argue with a built-in funnel!

Volume: 8oz (240 ml)
Materials: Titanium body and lid with integrated silicone funnel

Product image of Barbour Hip Flask with white background
Barbour Hip Flask | Image: Barbour

10. Barbour Hip Flask

Price: from AUD$80

A heritage plaid pattern and leather trim dial up the style component on this otherwise traditional hip flask.While dressed to impress, Barbour’s Hip Flask is also pretty basic in terms of construction and capacity, making one wonder if the price tag is a bit too high.

One look at this handsome hip flask and you can tell that it’s a cut above the standard fare, at least in terms of presentation. Gracing the exterior is a vintage plaid pattern with premium leather trim, drawing upon Barbour’s long-running heritage of British craftsmanship. Rounding out the flask are traditional tenets such as a stainless steel interior and screw-fastening lid. Combine that with a somewhat reasonable price point and you get a terrific gift for yourself or your favourite weekend warrior.

Volume: 6oz (177ml)
Materials: Stainless steel with leather trims and screw-fastening lid

Why You Should Trust Our List

Our expert team at Man of Many drew upon both personal experience and copious research when assembling this list of the best hip flasks. Important factors such as customer satisfaction, value, durability, construction, size, and design were all taken into consideration. We’re also as passionate about whisky and other spirits as we are about EDC and thus perfect for the task—and the flask—at hand!

Alternatives To These Hip Flasks

Our list of the best hip flasks is but the tip of a very big iceberg, with new products and variations popping up every month. If none of the above grabs your interest, you still have lots and lots…and lots…of options. Here’s a quick list of some quality alternatives to the best hip flasks, which touches down on various designs, materials, sizes, and price points alike.

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