Earning the Title of Best Tequila Brand in the World

Bragging rights for the title Best Tequila Brand in the World don’t come easy—unless you’re El Tesoro. At the recent International Spirits Challenge, the Jalisco, Mexico, based tequila brand swept the tequila categories. Considering this is the 23rd year for the challenge, and over 1,500 entries from 70 different countries participated in the different categories, that’s pretty respectable.

Spanish for “the treasure,” El Tesoro proved its worth in the challenge, taking gold with their blanco, anejo, and extra anejo for each of their respective sub-groups. Not surprising, though, when you consider that the tequilas were crafted by Carlos Camarena, who has a history of putting out the best tequilas. Camarena works out of the Mexican highlands, and has produced other award winning tequilas, including Tequila Ocho and Tapatio. Camarena represented El Tesoro, which is owned by spirits giant Beam Suntory.

Walking into a pub or cantina, you’re going to hear a lot of loud claims, but when it comes to having actually earned the right to brag, El Tesoro has unequivocally claimed that privilege.

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