Here’s a Comfort Food – Peanut Butter Whiskey from Skrewball

According to the dictionary, not only is a screwball a type of pitch in Baseball, it’s also a “whimsical, eccentric, or crazy person.” The dictionary also adds on “zany” as a synonym for screwball. That definitely applies to Ocean Beach, California, based distillery Skrewball and their peanut butter whisky.

Of course, Skrewball does make a good point. Peanut butter is indeed a “rich, smooth, and irresistible spread that’s as dependable as they come for all your late night cravings.” What’s more, peanut butter blends perfectly when combined with the bold flavor of good whiskey. “They go together so well,” says Skrewball, “they make PB&J delicious. It’s nearly impossible to just have one of this delicious treat.”

Skrewball was created by Steven and Brittany Yeng. Steven, a Cambodian refugee and polio survivor who owns a bar and restaurant, came up with the idea of a peanut butter shot. While many didn’t appreciate it at first, the combo soon became Steven’s signature shot. That’s where Brittany stepped in and turned the idea into the brand, Skrewball.

The cocktail has become quite popular, with stores all over the US carrying the whiskey. Back in August, it won the Best Flavored Whiskey title at the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition. Skrewball also offers plenty of recipe ideas for other mixed drinks. There’s even a suggestion of using the peanut butter flavored whiskey as a topping for vanilla ice cream—which sounds wickedly delicious. Skrewball offers a linked list of all the places you can buy the whiskey. You can expect pay around $25 to $30 for a 750ml bottle. If you decide to give it a try, take Skrewball’s warning to heart: “We have to warn you—a night with Skrewball is bound to get a little nutty.”

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