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Krug By the Glass? Celebrate Summer with ‘Krug x Lemon’ at The Iconic Cottage Point Inn

Each year, the prestigious House of Krug pays homage to a single culinary ingredient, a tradition that beautifully mirrors its winemaking philosophy. Krug’s exceptional craftsmanship recognises that every vine plot is, in itself, a unique ingredient contributing to its Champagne. Thus, it’s only fitting to celebrate this philosophy by elevating a single food ingredient in true Krug style. Top chefs from around the globe are invited to infuse their own imaginative twist into the chosen ingredient, ensuring it remains a perfect pairing with the latest editions of Krug Grande Cuvée and Krug Rosé – and this year is no exception.

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Krug x Lemon | Image: Supplied

For the 2023 iteration (which is the ninth celebration of its kind), the Champagne house has chosen the versatile lemon, giving birth to ‘Krug x Lemon.’ In previous years, we’ve seen a culinary spotlight on ingredients like rice, onion, egg, and pepper. Each was masterfully reimagined by chefs worldwide, brimming with passion and creativity.

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Krug x Lemon Experience at Cottage Point Inn | Image: Supplied

In Australia, as summer unfolds, Maison Krug has partnered with executive chef Steve Hetherington at the iconic waterside restaurant, The Cottage Point Inn, to bring ‘Krug x Lemon’ to life. Nestled on the Hawkesbury River in the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park, it’s an undeniably Australian destination and similarly, chef Steve’s lemon-inspired creation is a culinary celebration of all things Australian.

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Seaplane from Cottage Point Inn | Image: Supplied

We had the privilege of experiencing this firsthand, and from December 1st, you can too. Our journey began with a Bentley transfer to the venue, and on our way back to Sydney, thanks to the venue’s idyllic location, we hopped in a seaplane taking off right in front of Cottage Point Inn. Joining us were Olivier Krug and his daughter Clemence Krug, whose unwavering passion for Champagne was a true delight. Olivier, a sixth-generation member of the Krug Family, currently serves as the director of the house.

Steve hetherington and olivier krug copy
Steve Hetherington & Olivier Krug | Image: Supplied

As for the menu, the standout dish features sustainable Aquna Murray cod, complemented by green and white asparagus, native lemon myrtle, and green strawberries. It’s beautifully paired with a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée 171 Edition. Normally, finding a venue that serves prestige Champagne like Krug by the glass is a rarity, making this experience all the more exceptional. It’s truly a match made in culinary heaven.

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Krug x Lemon Pairing at Cottage Point Inn | Image: Supplied

While this exceptional collaboration of ‘Krug x Lemon’ will be available throughout the summer season, the first twenty customers who order the pairing will also receive a copy of Krug’s collaborative cookbook, The Zest is Yet to Come, signed by Olivier Krug. We highly recommend adding it to your bucket list and making a memorable day-trip of it. The only question is, will you arrive by car, boat, or seaplane?

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Krug x Lemon Experience | Image: Supplied
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Krug x Lemon Experience | Image: Supplied