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The balvenie 25 year old

The Balvenie 25 ‘Rare Marriages’ is a Flawless Combination of Casks

When it comes to whisky, only the most passionate collectors are bold enough to acquire a bottle with the number ‘2’ in front of the age statement. The latest 25-year-old release from The Balvenie is your latest chance, and believe us when we say it’s one for the history books. A tribute to Malt Master David C. Stewart’s dedication to designing and building exceptional flavour through the marriage of rare casks, this release brings together the most sought-after flavours in whisky; bold vanilla oak, crystalised ginger, and sweet runny honey.

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The balvenie 25 year old bottle base

Image: The Balvenie

Nose: Soft autumn fruits, runny honey, crystallised ginger and raw cane sugar. Underlying rich oakiness creates complexity and structure.
: Bold vanilla flavours with layers of toasted marshmallows, fresh fruit terrine and cinnamon-infused apple tart.
Finish: Exceptionally long-lasting sweetness.

Our collaboration with The Balvenie brought together some of the best makers in Australia, highlighting their craft and bringing the passion in everything they do to the forefront. We find many similarities here with the 25-year-old release, a dram that combines individual casks to craft an intricate and balanced expression – specifically, the art and skill of Traditional Oak Marrying Tun with liquid from European and American casks.

“The Balvenie 25 really is the greatest testament to David C. Stewart’s skills and the heart that he puts into everything over his almost 60 years with The Balvenie. Marrying such old, rare and delicate whisky is no easy task and it takes the time and love that David has put in over the years to be able to craft such an exceptional whisky. David has an incredible ability to visualise his goal for the whisky and create so many layers of beautiful flavour while keeping balance among them all.”

On the nose, you’ll find soft autumn fruits, runny honey, crystallised ginger and raw cane sugar. On the palate, Vanilla Oak is the most pronounced before moving towards layers of toasted marshmallow, fresh fruit terrine and cinnamon-infused apple tart. Complex in construction yet delicious in tasting, the finish is to die for with long-lasting sweetness. The colour is a rich burgundy that moves to a lighter ombré hue, representative of the evolution of flavours in the marrying process.

The Balvenie Twenty-five (48% ABV) is available in luxury whisky retail outlets and premium establishments at the recommended retail price of AUD $1,200.

Buy it here (Selfridges) Buy it here (The Drink Society)

The balvenie 25 year old flatlay front

Image: The Balvenie

The balvenie 25 year old flatlay rear

Image: The Balvenie

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