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The singleton 40 year old

‘Indulgent and Decadent’: $6000 The Singleton 40-Year-Old is Limited to Just 1,716 Bottles

We recently revealed that rare whisky is the top investment of passion. And now, The Singleton is looking to get in on the action with a highly collectable 40-Year-Old release limited to 1,716 bottles globally. The bottle debuts as one of the rarest The Singleton whiskies to date, indicating the third and final rare whisky in the brand’s Epicurean Odyssey series. With plenty of dark chocolate notes on offer alongside rich juicy plums and plenty of luxury, we can’t wait to give this one a taste.

The singleton 40 year old feature iamge
The Singleton Launches 40-Year-Old | Image: Supplied

The Singleton Launches 40-Year-Old

The story goes that master blender Maureen Robinson dreamed of a dram with dark chocolate depths, combining The Singleton’s finest 12-year-old whiskies, resting them for nearly three decades, before finishing in Zacapa Rum XO & Royal casks above the clouds. The result is a whisky with rich layers of pears amongst velvety dark chocolate, caramelised tropical fruits and a little bit of black pepper spice.

Joining the likes of The Singleton 38-year-old (baked apple and caramel drizzle) and The Singleton 39-year-old (launched with succulent flavour notes of blackberries and muscovado crumble) The Singleton 40-year-old is shaping up to a mega grand finale for the Epicurean Odyssey Series.

“Our Epicurean Odyssey has been an epic voyage driven by that singular belief, an exploration in the creation of the most indulgent and decadent whiskies in the world. Our 40-Year-Old represents the culmination of that journey, and the ultimate expression of that belief. A maximalist in time, craft and flavour,” said malt master Robinson.

Limited quantities of The Singleton 40-Year-Old will be available for purchase through Dan Murphy’s for AUD$5,940.00 at the link below.

Shop at Dan Murphy’s

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Singleton 40-Year-Old Details

 The Singleton 40-Year-Old Fact Sheet
SeriesThe Epicurean Odyssey Series
DistillerySingleton of Glen Ord
Alcohol volume45.9%
Quantities and price1716 bottles priced at $5,940
Place of originSingleton of Glen Ord
AppearanceDeep amber with copper lights.
NoseThe nose is mellow, with a little prickle at first; fruity top notes hint at dried apple and are soon backed by a more savoury aroma evoking sage, while richer hints of fruit, soon suggesting plums enrobed in dark chocolate, sit on a balancing base of sweetly spicy oak, with light aromas of hard toffee and oak shavings. A drop of water introduces a wisp of waxy smoke.
BodyLight to medium.
PalateAt natural strength, the texture is decadently smooth and lightly waxy while the taste starts sweet, vibrant and very fruity, becoming slightly salty and plum-sour mid-palate. Complex layers of flavour suggest pears slathered indulgently in dark chocolate and caramelised tropical fruits, as with toffee-covered banana and pineapple. Beautifully balanced and super-smooth, with sustained rich, sweet fruitiness balanced by slow-building black pepper. Velvet smooth dark chocolate tannins herald an appetising drying note. A drop of water emphasises the fruit and softens the spice, bringing out a mouth-cooling aftertaste.
FinishQuite long, deep-flavoured and lightly drying, with black pepper spice and another hint of waxy smoke.
Singleton 40 year old in box
The Singleton Launches 40-Year-Old | Image: Supplied

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