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Attention Loose Units, Vodka Cruiser Just Launched Limited Edition Long Necks

Vodka Cruiser has released their 600ml Long Necks into the wild in two cult-classic Vodka Cruiser flavours – Lush Guava and Wild Raspberry. The Long Necks are available for purchase right now for a limited time via. Cellabrations, The Bottle-O and IGA Liquor stores for $13.99, but you’ll have to get in quick. The brand has told us that their dedicated fanbase will snap up these Long Necks fast, and they’re anticipating a sell-out launch!

And before you search the sticker on the back of the bottle, each bottle contains 2.2 standard drinks and has an ABV of 4.6%.

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Vodka cruiser long neck

Image: Vodka Cruiser

The news comes just months after Vodka Cruiser’s 3.1 litre Magnum Bottle hit shelves, and the brand isn’t looking to take its foot off the gas anytime soon. The Vodka Cruiser long neck is now available following years of requests from dedicated Vodka Cruiser fans on social media.

The bottles, which are double the size of the standard 275mL Vodka Cruiser, will be carried out of select stores in classic pink paper bags. And the first 50 customers who spot Long Necks in store and post their find on Instagram or Facebook tagging @vodkacruiser from Monday 26 September will have the chance to win a case of Vodka Cruisers to share with their mates (see terms).

“We are so excited to announce that the wait is finally over, Long Necks are here! Our customers are relentless in their pursuit of fun, and our Long Necks are the perfect accessory to share with the squad at any party. We invite our Cruiser Crusaders to go Long Neck hunting and get their hands on a Vodka Cruiser Long Neck before they are gone,” said Georgina Chao, Brand Manager at Vodka Cruiser.

Vodka Cruiser Long Necks ($13.99) are available for purchase right now for a limited time via. Cellabrations, The Bottle-O and IGA Liquor stores.

Buy it here (Raspberry) Buy it here (Guava)

Vodka cruiser long neck guava

Image: PHAT Guava | Vodka Cruiser

Vodka cruiser long neck raspberry

Image: MONDO Raspberry | Vodka Cruiser

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