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pacifico sunglasses model

Man of Many X Pacifico Optical Sunglasses Launch Party

The idea to collaborate with good friends and curators of cool Pacifico Optical was a pretty simple one: stylish and quality shades that reflect the stylish and quality vibes of our loyal readers.

So when the project came to fruition last week, it only made sense that we’d launch things by keeping it simple, and the night went off with a bang the way only a balmy Bondi evening knows how to deliver.

Serving up loads of icy cold Sample Brew (thanks guys), and pizzas from local favourites Society, guests got the chance to be some of the first to purchase the limited edition Buckler frames, and with only 100 of each edition manufactured, everybody was keen to snap theirs up before it was too late.

With friends joining us until the pop-up was busting at the seams, and then a whole lot more on the footpath outside, we partied until well after the sun went down with some of our nearest and dearest. So a big thank you to everybody who could make it down on the night.

women wear sun glass with smile
many people walking outside
men are seeing something
two men are drinking something
men are handshake with another
peoples are standing and talking
hold something in two hands
keep it sun glass
girl wear nice sun glass
men hold the sample
smiling man wear sun glass
drinking the sample beer
girl smiling pick the glass
hold the sun glass with hand
men by hold the sun glass
sample the bottle
peoples are waiting outside the shop
different men discuss thing
wearing sun glass
men talking the person wear sun glass
stylish sun glass wear men
wear sun glass with hold the sample
nice girl wear sun glass
talking different thing
men are laughing
something doing by hand
glasses then look at any direction
girl laughing with hand of thing
look sun glass another hand
look own face with mobile
keep in hand bottle
signor vino
 seeing the sun glass
pick the sun glass on table
men eating the something
different people eating different thing
together man discuss
men hold on beer sample
by hand pick the sun glass
 x pacifico optical sunglasses party men drinking
hold on sample bottle
drink the beer with girl
men sample bottle hold on the hand
stand the people with sun glass
seen the sun glass
nice sun glass are seen men
drinking the people
bottle of the sample
hold on the beer by hand
talking each other
two men talking
men wear sun glass hand of another
pacifico optical sunglasses
bag and pacifico optical sunglasses
another optical and leather bag
put in the table optic
sun glass with his bag
Elegant Pacifico Optical sunglasses with reflection beside Man of Many branded case at launch event.
brand optical view
pacifico man of many optical
pacifico limited edition
view of the optical different
put the optical with cover
pacifico optical show

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