The Smugglers Ship is an Authentic Pirate Booze Cruise on Sydney Harbour

Ahoy landlubbers,

This summer, the Smugglers Ship is setting sail around the high seas of Sydney Harbour for a bar experience unlike any other. It’s your opportunity to join Captain Blackheart and his crew for an immersive pirate adventure aboard an authentic 18th-century tall sail ship. Enjoy life as a Pirate, discover hidden treasures, navigate the high seas, taste some of the finest smuggled liquor in the Southern Hemisphere and remember to stay vigilant for stowaways.

drinks aboard sydney pirate cruise

Fellow pirates are invited to dig out their best seafaring outfits and join the crew for 90 minutes of sightseeing. A full range of beverages, tipples and snacks will be available on board to indulge even the most glutinous pirate. Tickets are extremely limited and strictly reserved for the most adventurous pirates. You can join the mailing list via the link below to be the first to snag tickets when they become available.

I hope you read all of that with your best pirate accent.

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