11 Best Australian Protein Brands

No matter what the current dietary trends, there’s always a good reason to go hunting for the best protein powders in Australia. That’s because proper protein—which breaks down into essential amino acids once it’s digested—remains fundamental to a healthy body and survival in general. We won’t go as far as saying that you’ll die if you don’t consume enough protein, but your body will definitely suffer for it. We’re talking weaker bones, skin, and muscles alike.

That’s exactly where Australia’s best protein powders come in, supplementing your diet to ensure you get enough of the good stuff. In most cases, that good stuff comes in the form of whey protein, which (according to research) aids with muscle recovery, improves fat loss, and even promotes heart health. Available as a concentrate, isolate, or hydrolysate (or any combination of the three), the best whey protein supplements are used across a swath of fields and by a number of top athletes.

In addition to whey protein, you’ll find alternatives such as casein, soy protein, pea protein, and weight gainers. Each one offers its own respective range of benefits, meaning you should perform additional research if you think your body might respond to one protein better than others. Those who practice a vegan diet or have lactose intolerance, for example, might prefer pea protein or soy protein.

What ultimately matters is that you’re getting the right amount of protein into your system, especially if you work out on a regular basis. For the average adult male, the recommended dietary intake for protein is 0.84 grams per kilogram of body weight. So do the math and then snag one of the best protein powders in Australia, you rippled beefcake you. Here are the top 11 brands.

True Protein

1. True Protein

One of the best-tasting protein powders in Australia is also one of the best supplements you can find. Sourced from the finest raw ingredients from around the world, True Protein blends everything together in its on-site facility and has something for everyone. The brand’s most popular supplement is WPI 90, a whey protein isolate that boosts muscle recovery while shedding weight.

Recommended product:  WPI 90
Benefits: great taste, all-natural, low lactose, low carb, easy to digest, weight loss and muscle recovery

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U Protein


At the forefront of UPROTEIN’s lineup is 100% Whey Protein Hydro + Enzymes. Consisting of three whey protein sources (hydrolysed, isolate and concentrate), this exceptional blend features digestive enzymes to ensure smooth and superior absorption. It’s also quite delicious.

Recommended product: 100% Whey Protein Hydro + Enzymes
Benefits: weight loss and muscle recovery, includes digestive enzymes and muscle-building BCAAs, great taste

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3. Max’s

True to its mascot, Max’s will bring out the superhero lurking inside you. Moving beyond Australia, the brand’s Pro Series exclusively targets the international market. That means all are invited to get in on products like Super Whey, a premium blend of whey protein isolate, concentrate and hydrolysed whey peptides.

Recommended product: Super Whey
Benefits: muscle recovery and lean muscle gain, contains essential vitamins and minerals, added glutamine, includes hydrolysed whey peptides

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Bulk Nutrients

4. Bulk Nutrients

If you’re looking for some of the nation’s best whey protein isolate, your journey ends here. Sourced from grass-fed, hormone-free cows, Bulk Nutrient’s Whey Protein Isolate delivers great taste, smooth mixability, terrific value, and palpable results. With only trace amounts of lactose, it’s also easily digestible. Choose amongst a variety of flavours and get hooked.

Recommended product: Whey Protein Isolate
Benefits: excellent taste, low lactose, fast-absorbing, immuno-boosting, builds lean muscle, increases protein synthesis

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With its Clean Vegan Protein, BODYSCIENCE helps those on a plant-based diet receive all their essential amino acids. Made with premium whole ingredients, it’s naturally sweetened, gluten-free, and good for optimal gut health. The brand also offers a full spectrum of additional protein supplements.

Recommended product: Clean Vegan Protein
Benefits: plant-based, promotes optimal gut health, provides essential amino acids, aids with muscle recovery

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6. Nuzest

Supplement brand Nuzest is all about that clean lean protein, which is why its best-selling product is called…well…Clean Lean Protein. Sourced from premium European golden pea protein, it’s 100% all-natural and allergen-free. It’s also another no-brainer supplement for all the vegans out there.

Recommended product: Clean Lean Protein
Benefits: plant-based, boosts energy, aids with recovery and weight loss

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Healthy Chef

7. The Healthy Chef

One of the best protein powders in Australia comes to us from The Healthy Chef and it goes by the name of Pure Native WPI. Thanks to the wonders of cold filtration, this pure whey protein isolate retains all the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that you’d get from fresh biodynamic milk. Rounding out its charms are a variety of delicious flavours.

Recommended product: Pure Native WPI
Benefits: great taste, suitable for most sensitive digestive systems, low carb, all-natural, gut-friendly

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RAWFIT Performance

8. Amazonia

Were Tarzan around and taking protein supplements, we have a feeling he’d stick with this brand. His personal favourite might be RawFIT Performance Protein, which uses a plant-based formula to support lean muscle growth and boost recovery.

Recommended product: RawFIT Performance Protein
Benefits: dairy-free, fast-absorbing, performance-enhancing, low carb, targets muscle growth, improves recovery

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RAWFIT Performance

9. Isowhey Sports

With a name like Isowhey Sports, you know right off the bat that this brand delivers some of Australia’s best whey protein isolate. For proof, look no further than 100% Lean WPI, which packs 22g of pure protein into every serving and speeds up muscle recovery, among other things.

Recommended product: 100% Lean WPI
Benefits: low carb, maintains muscle mass, boosts recovery, contains antioxidant green tea, sourced from grass-fed New Zealand cows

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180 Nutrition

10. 180 Nutrition

Shipping some of Australia’s best protein supplements straight to your door, 180 Nutrition takes pride in its all-natural approach. Nowhere is that more evident than with its Grass-Fed WPI, a low-lactose blend that’s chemical-free and loaded with good fats. It’s also sourced from cows that weren’t given extra hormones or antibiotics.

Recommended product: Grass-Fed WPI
Benefits: all-natural, gluten-free, loaded with good fats, sourced from grass-fed cows, easy to digest

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11. IsoWhey Wholefoods

Always going the extra mile, IsoWhey Wholefoods uses the highest grade of whey protein, keeping you fuller for longer and retaining muscle mass while you drop pounds. Making a healthy thing that much healthier, the brand’s best-selling weight-loss shake includes ingredients like alkaline sea greens along with vitamins, minerals, probiotics and more.

Recommended product: IsoWhey Weight Loss Shake
Benefits: all-natural, sourced from grass-fed cows, easy to digest, promotes weight loss, includes extra vitamins and minerals

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What's the best protein brand?

Some of the best protein brands in Australia are as follows: True Protein, Bulk Nutrients, The Healthy Chef, Nuzest, Isowhey Sports, and Max's.

What is the best bulk protein to buy?

Most fitness experts suggest buying whey protein isolate. Here are some of Australia's best brands: True Protein, Bulk Nutrients, The Healthy Chef, Nuzest, and Isowhey Sports.

Which raw protein is best?

True Protein and Amazonia offer some of the best raw protein in Australia. Amazonia's Raw Protein Isolate is the first-to-market certified organic, dairy-free vegan protein with a complete amino acid profile.

Is Musashi protein any good?

Musashi specialises in whey protein of considerable quality and terrific value.

What is the best protein powder in Australia?

Some of the best protein powders in Australia come from brands like True Protein, Bulk Nutrients, The Healthy Chef, Amazonia, Isowhey Sports, and UPROTEIN.

What is the best value protein powder?

Internationally, Optimum Nutrition delivers tremendous value. In Australia, brands such as True Protein and Bulk Nutrients offer big bang for your buck.

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