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Ergatta Connected Water Rower is a Sexy Machine

Rowing is a pretty effective workout. You can but up to 800 calories in a one-hour session, and you’ll work your whole body—quads, hamstrings, back, abs, arms, shoulders, and calves. That being said, rowing can be a grueling, monotonous activity. Plus, the equipment is not very sexy at all. The Ergatta Digital Rower is addressing both of those concerns with a machine inspired by gaming.

The Ergatta rower is made of cherrywood sourced from the US. It’s also built in the US (Williamsburg, Brooklyn). Nearly the entire rower is made from cherrywood, and while the design isn’t anything revolutionary, it does look stunning. This is a piece of workout gear that you could display in your living room and not feel self-conscious about. That’s intentional. Company founders Tom Aulet and Alessandra Gotbaum attest to the fact that the rower was designed to look like furniture. The Ergatta rower is a tank-based machine, so there is a donut-shaped container at the bottom. Tank-based machines more closely simulate rowing in actual water, and they make for a smoother rowing experience. The tank actually adds to the looks of the machine rather than detracting, making it a conversation piece. The whole thing, like other rowers, can be stored vertically.

A 17.3-inch screen is mounted directly in front of where you sit to row and is the command center for the rower. The screen offers three modes to choose from: Guided Row for individual challenges, Eregattas to pit yourself against other users in a simulated race, and Open Row for when you want to just freestyle it. The machine learns from you as you use it and will change your goals and your rankings against other users to match your level. The interface was based on gaming, and the interface is engaging, making it easier to stay on the rower.

If you’re looking for a new workout, but you want your equipment to look sexy, then you need to place your pre-order for the Ergatta Rower.

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Ergatta Connected RowerErgatta Connected Rower manuever by man

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