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Nodo best dessert in brisbane

10 Best Dessert Places in Brisbane

The best dessert places in Brisbane is a contentious topic, and rightly so. Desserts are the wunderkind of our dreams, the pinnacle of human technological achievement. Often the hardest question to answer is where to get into the sugary snacks. Helping you out when you’re wondering what the best dessert bars in Brisbane might be, we put ourselves through the tough process of finding where to find the creme de la creme of sweet creams. Here’s where the buck stops.

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Best desserts in Brisbane at a glance

Our list of the best desserts in Brisbane goes like this:

Now we’ve had a look at our favourites, let’s check out the complete list.

Sondor dessert best desset in brisbane
Sonder Dessert | Image: Supplied

1. Sonder Dessert

Sonder, the realisation that every person you see has a life as vivid and complex as your own, a heavy concept for the lightest of condiments. Sonder Desserts provides fruity, tasty treats, light on the ennui, but a perfect cure for your taste buds lacking delicious sensations. Japanese flavours permeate every part of this excellent dessert bar. One of the best places to get Mochi in Brisbane.

Address: 7c Farne St, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109
Hours: Tue-Sun 1-9pm

Nodo best dessert in brisbane 2
Nodo | Image: Supplied

2. Nodo

The perfect answer to the question ‘want another one?’ Nodo Donuts are an ideal accompaniment to a good time. Doing big ol’ boxes to take away or individuals to snack in, Nodo commits hard to their gluten-free premise. Make sure you get to #eatdonutsforbreakfast they do new batches daily, but will only have stock until sold out. Might have to beat an old lady with a stick to get them.

Address: Various locations

Sweet tooth gelato desserts dessert brisbane 1
Sweet Tooth Gelato & Desserts | Image: Supplied

3. Sweet Tooth Gelato & Desserts

Once an online-only dessert place in Brisbane, Sweet Tooth Gelato & Desserts is ready to serve an insane array of ridiculous dessert combos. Think of a huge sandwich cookie with Nutella or waffles with everything on top and you’ve got it. As dessert places go, this may be the most likely to put you in a food coma. A real stand out for us.

Hours: Mon 5-8pm, Tue 5-9pm, Wed-Sun 11am-9pm

Gelato messina fortitude valley
Gelato Messina Fortitude Valley | Image: Supplied

4. Gelato Messina Fortitude Valley

Messina is pretty much a household name at this point. The gelato goodness has spread all across Australia and clearly, it’s become beloved by many. Brisbane has more than a couple of stores at this point and you’re even able to grab boxes at your local Coles or Woolies. It’s scorching outside, keep yourself cool with an egg-free treat.

Address: Centro on James, Shop RW11/48 James St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
Hours: Sun-Thurs 12-10:30pm, Fri-Sat 12-11:30pm
Phone: (07) 3852 1725

Lick ice cream brisbane
Lick! Ice-cream | Image: Supplied

5. Lick! Ice-cream

Lick! Ice-cream. The first name and instruction on our list of Brisbane’s coldest dessert spots. Lick is what you want to do, Ice Cream is what you’re doing it with. They’ve got a side hustle on incredible Ice Cream cakes, and obscene sundaes combining every sugar combo you can imagine. Don’t think that they’re leaving behind the basics though, you’ll find all of your standard flavours, alongside Peanut butter, Nutella (yum), Passionfruit and Lime!

Address: Various locations

Dello mano cake and brownie boutique best desserts in brisbane
Dello Mano Cake and Brownie Boutique | Image: Supplied

6. Dello Mano Cake and Brownie Boutique

Dello Mano is an extravagant bakehouse. From humble beginnings bundling the family to their local farmers market, Dello Mano now produces phenomenal cake constructions. Beautiful heart-shaped brownies, gorgeous dripping cakes, a ‘divine’ Belgian chocolate mouse cake. The prices won’t break the bank, but the packaging may break your heart.

Address: Wintergarden Shop K7, 171/209 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm
Phone: 1300 033 467

Visit Dello Mano

Bcc dessert and cake brisbane
BCC Dessert and Cake | Image: Supplied

7. BCC Dessert and Cake

French pastry royalty, La Casamia bring a pastry master to their kitchen. Some of the most opulent, beautiful sweet creations I’ve seen. Expect big flavour, creamy goodness and stunning attention to detail. Multi-layer puff pastries galore. The use of old-school recipes with modern methods ensures everything comes out on top.

Address: Shop 3/957 Beenleigh Rd, Runcorn QLD 4113
Hours: Tue-Thur 1-8pm, Fri-Sat 1-10pm, Sun 1-9pm
Phone: 0430 955 006

Veganyumm desserts in brisbane
Veganyumm | Image: Supplied

8. Veganyumm

One of Brisbane’s only vegan dessert houses, this one is admirably forthright in its name and desires. Veganyumm makes vegan treats and wants to make you say yum. A menu that wouldn’t look out of place at any vegan cakery, you’ll find gorgeous small treats all the way through to mammoth cake constructions.

Address: 487 S Pine Rd, Everton Park QLD 4053
Hours: Mon-Tues 8am-8pm, Wed-Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 8am-8pm
Phone: (07) 3355 6329

Visit Veganyumm

Doughnut time dessert brisbane
Doughnut Time | Image: Supplied

9. Doughnut Time

The relaunch we deserve, Doughnut Time has been bought out and brought back to give us all the doughnut goods we’re looking for. Expect the same ingredients, but now with vegan and gluten-free options to add to the doughy roster we already know and love.

Address: 176 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101
Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm

Visit Doughnut Time

Dolci sapori dessert brisbane
Dolci Sapori | Image: Supplied

10. Dolci Sapori

An authentic pasticceria, Dolci Sapori (Italian for Sweet Flavours), is a family-run attempt to bring Italian breakfast to Australia. Committing wholeheartedly to showcasing its true identity by honing in on what it can do well with a few choices of sweet goods.

Address: 828 Sandgate Rd, Clayfield QLD 4011
Hours: Tues-Sun 7:30am-3pm
Phone: (07) 3262 2466

Visit Dolci Sapori

General FAQs

Where's a good place for dessert in brisbane?

Any place that gets you the sweetness you need. Brisbane offers a wide variety of sweet treats, you're best of finding the best spot near you.

Does brisbane have any gelato shops?

Brisbane definitely does! Messina's a well known chain of Gelato spots where you can grab Gelato day or night.

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