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PSA: Chargrill Charlie’s Just Dropped FREE DELIVERY On Their New App

That’s right folks, Chargrill Charlie’s is doing everyone a solid this weekend by dropping FREE DELIVERY on their app from now until Sunday, 20th of November. Take advantage of the offer right now by downloading the Chargrill Charlie’s app via this link and claim your free delivery before the queues start getting any longer! The hardest choice is deciding what to order… hmm, it’s the Devil Wings for us.

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Chargrill charlies

Image: Supplied | Chargrill Charlie’s

Why does this offer even exist? Well, the news comes after Deliveroo upped and left Australia overnight, unfolding the very fabric of which our delivery app deals were found. Thankfully, the new app means we can continue to eat away our sorrows and save some coin in the process.

This is the first time that ‘Chookas’ has offered FREE DELIVERY through the app and marks a special occasion, that is, the new and improved app. Something which Saul Sher, Director of Chargrill Charlie’s says the brand is very proud of.

“We’re very proud of our new App and are excited for our loyal customers to download it and enjoy the benefits themselves. They will now be able to order their favourite Chargrill Charlie’s meal to their doorsteps and earn points to redeem for food and merch.

“The team has worked tirelessly to create this App to ensure we provide the best possible product for our beloved and loyal customers. And what better way to launch it, than with Free Delivery!”

Too true, Saul, too true. And don’t think for a minute that the new app is missing anything from the menu either. It’s still home to all Charlie’s favourites, including classic dishes such as the old fashion roast chook, and family recipes that have been refined over 30 years such as Chargrill Charlie’s schnitzels, colourful salads, hot chips, wedges and extensive burger range. Get some via the link below!

Get the app

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