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Looks are Deceiving at Jung Sung, Sydney’s Newest Korean Fusion Restaurant

For any who claims to be a ‘foody’ (let’s be real…. almost everyone in 2021), you most certainly haven’t ventured to the edges of dining indulgence and elegance until you’ve visited Sydney’s newest Korean/ Australian fusion delight, Jung Sung.

Located on the third level of the Old Rum Store in Chippendale’s Spice Alley, Jung Sung is one of the most unique and out-right impressive dining seatings to emerge from the post-lockdown era. But it should come as no surprise. Through years of experience in Australian hospitality and Michelin recognised restaurants, co-owners Dan Freene and Jun Ok have brought together an impeccable union of both Korean and Australian culture within each dish of their wine-paired degustation experience.

Every course and complementing wine have been carefully constructed in matrimony, giving you a whole dining experience that heroes the best of each season local and fresh produce. Prepare for total mouthgasm with each bite you take.

Enjoy a 2-3 course degustation menu for lunch, 3-5 courses for dinner or go all out and indulge in Jung Sung’s full-flared 7-course degustation on the weekend (We highly recommended the 7). If that didn’t pique your interest, perhaps the restaurant’s stunning Instagram might. Make sure when viewing you take note of what is swiftly becoming known as their signature dish- Corn Desert.

Hint: Take a closer peek… Looks can be deceiving.

Check it out

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Geena Valos
Branded Content Manager

Geena Valos

Geena Valos is a branded content manager for Man of Many. She has an extensive background in the fashion industry, having spent several years at Sydney-based boutique label Desordre. Her expertise is specialised in the fashion, style and design sectors. Geena holds a Bachelor of Communications (Media Arts Production) from the University of Technology.