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‘Cult Favourite’: KFC Mashies are Back for the First Time in 12 Years

Everyone’s favourite house of guilty pleasures, KFC, has announced a returning menu item that’s going to have many Aussies making a beeline for greasy, greasy heaven. The brand is bringing back its ultimate fan-favourite – original mashies! Yup, that’s right, from Tuesday, May 16, you can devour KFC’s oh-so delectable, bite-sized mashies, but get in quick because the KFC classic will only be back for a limited time!

Nothing beats a comeback, and this may very well be the best comeback since the humble mullet. Take a step back in time – the last time you had these golden balls of goodness may have been back when you were still a wee kid (2011, to be precise), but trust us, we know they taste just as good now as they did then. Take it from us, we had some come through the office and you’ll want to get around these ASAP.

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KFC Mashies | Image: KFC

Original Mashies are so cluckin’ good that KFC fiends across Australia have been pleading with KFC for years to see their return, much like you might plead with Mum and Dad to get KFC on Friday night. Some things – like the irresistible goodness of KFC’s original mashies – never change.

But, unlike your parents, KFC has heard your pleas and has delivered the goods. Any time you like, you can now sink your teeth into the soft gooeyness, mouthwatering Original Recipe coating and iconic flavour of KFC’s Original Mashies. The bite-sized balls feature melt-in-your-mouth KFC mashed potato and boast an irresistible coating of KFC’s signature herbs and spices – a mash-terpiece, fried to perfection.

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KFC Mashies | Image: KFC

Original Mashies are available in 6 and 12 pieces with a regular gravy. Those hankering for a full feed can pick up an Original Mashies Box which includes an Original Fillet Burger, one piece of Original Recipe Chicken, four pieces of Original Mashies, gravy, chips and a drink. No matter how you like to enjoy your mashies, your tastebuds are in for a treat.

“We’re always looking to delight KFC fans by introducing tasty new feeds or bringing back fan favourites, which is why for the first time in 12 years, Original Mashies will be available on menus nationwide. After being reintroduced as a test last year to restaurants in Tasmania for a limited time, fans across the country have been vocal in calling for the Original Mashies’ return, but get in quick as you never know when they’ll be back again,” said Sally Spriggs, CMO at KFC Australia.

Available from Tuesday 16 May to Monday 12 June, Original Mashies and the Original Mashies Box can be purchased from participating KFC restaurants nationwide.

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Kfc mashies in box

KFC Mashies | Image: KFC

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