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Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 18 September 2021

What a bizarre week it’s been. When we started off Monday with a heatwave, we definitely didn’t expect to finish with nuclear-powered submarines, but hey, that’s life. So, while we wait for the impending doom that this new deal might bring, you may as well do it in style. Here’s the cool kit we unearthed this week in our Man of Many Staff Favourites.

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Fellr passionfruit seltzer

Image: FELLR

FELLR Passionfruit Seltzer

Nick Hall – Digital Editor

This weekend marks the first time in 13 weeks my partner and I have been able to head outside for a drink…sort of. With the NSW Government allowing us the option of a ‘picnic’, provided your double-jabbed, we’re taking it with both hands. With our blanket in hand and a big platter of cheese ready to go, beer just didn’t seem fitting, so we opted for local legends FELLR’s new release.

The new alcoholic seltzer is seriously Passionfruity, taking me back to the old family barbeque days of Passiona and Pasito. With crisp hints of citrus ending with a smooth, dry finish, FELLR’s Passionfruit Hard Seltzer is ultra-refreshing and entirely delicious. Picnic drinks menu sorted.

You can pick up the FELLR Passionfruit Seltzer in all great independents as well as select BWS & Dan Murphy’s stores around the country and on BoozeBud. It’s also coming to Vintage Cellars, Liquorland and First Choice in October.

Buy it here

Yeti wine tumbler

Image: YETI

Yeti Wine Tumbler with MagSlider Lid

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

It’s no secret that everyone’s been tucking into the take-away cocktails in lockdown but recently I came across this little known secret. These insane wine-coolers from Yeti. I popped in a bit of ice into it and took it to my local bar to fill with their latest spicy margarita mix. Kid you not, after walking around for around 1.5 hours (getting plenty of ‘recreation’), the ice inside this thing was still frozen. So much so, that I could go back for more cocktail mix and it was still icy cold. Best yet, this Tumbler is also dishwasher safe.

Buy it here

@pittsandpieces on Instagram

Frank Arthur – Co-Founder

For an entertaining follow, check out @pittsandpieces on Instagram. This page is the embodiment of what it would look like if psychedelic substances could rollerblade.

As a former blader from back in the “aggressive inline” heyday of the mid-90s, I get a bit nostalgic when I see people rollerblading. At the same time, I also think to myself “does anyone still even do anymore?”. The answer is – they do, which I found out after being sucked into an Instagram rabbit hole watching the latest crop of bladers. It was then that I stumbled on @pittsandpieces.

@pittsandpieces is the account of Robbie Pitts, a Melbourne native living in the US, who posts video clips of himself skating and doing it in his own unique style. Pitts masterfully blends his colourful 70-inspired fashion with creative skate tricks with psychedelic cinematography, each video is the perfect combination of comical, cool and creative.

Check it out

Silvi anti acne pillowcase

Image: Silvi

Silvi Anti-Acne Pillowcase

Denise Barnes – Native Content Manager

How annoying are pimples? I always thought it was something I’ll grow out of as I get older, but, to my dismay, they do still pop up every now and then, and it’s not like I don’t take care of my skin. In fact, my skincare regime is something I do religiously every day. Turns out that the pillow you sleep on could be one of the big reasons for getting breakouts. To give you an idea, pillows have dust mites, 16 different types of fungi, and an upsetting amount of bacteria. Gross. We also spend about a third of our lives on a pillow (that’s if you’re getting your recommended 8 hours of course) so no wonder those breakouts keep occurring!

Enter Silvi, the scientifically designed anti-acne pillowcase of dreams. How can a pillowcase be anti-acne you might think? The short answer is silver. Silvi is treated with silver ions which bind to acne-causing bacteria and kills 99.7% of them before they have a chance to reproduce. These are the same bacteria that cause blackheads, clogged pores, and skin irritation. The pillowcase is also super silky as it’s made from 400 thread count bamboo lyocell (plant-based silk), so naturally, there will be less friction on your skin compared to when you sleep on cotton. Additionally, because of its anti-bacterial properties, Silvi only needs to be washed every 10 – 14 days as it stays cleaner for longer. What a win! Overall, I’ve loved sleeping on a Silvi pillowcase and would recommend it to just about everyone regardless of whether you struggle with pimples or not as it’s just better for your skin health (and hair) in general.

Check it out

Bombay bramble

Image: Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Bramble Spritz

Tim Fernandes – Sales & Partnerships Manager

Spring is here and that means light, fun and refreshing cocktails. The best at-home cocktails require two essential components: 1) They need to be tasty 2) They need to be simple enough to recreate with “normal” ingredients. That way you’ll make them more than once. The following Bombay Bramble cocktails are well worth a shot this weekend, and again to impress your mates or dates across the warmer months. Done by the same guys who do world famous Bombay Sapphire, BOMBAY BRAMBLE is an epic “creative expression” of gin bursting with the natural flavours of blackberries and raspberries, with no added sugar – it’s perfect for colourful cocktail creativity and the gin is available at all bottle shops. You can enjoy it simply with tonic, ice and a garnish of lemon and freeze-dried raspberries (called a Bombay Bramble & Tonic). The following however, is my favourite cocktail and a great spin on a Spritz.

Bombay Bramble Spritz:

  • 30ml Bombay Bramble
  • 10ml St Germain Elderflower Liqueur
  • 20ml fresh lemon juice
  • 70ml Capi grapefruit soda
  • 10ml agave syrup
  • pinch of sea salt
  • Garnish – mint sprig and grapefruit wedge


  1. Shake all ingredients quickly, except the soda.
  2. Strain into a wine glass
  3. Top with soda and garnish with the mint sprig and grapefruit wedge.
Clearwipe anti fog

Clearwipe Antifog Lens Cleaners

Sam Mangioni – Staff Writer

At Man of Many, we enjoy discussing the finer things in life, but let me take a moment to give some practical advice to my fellow four-eyed friends. If you wear glasses and struggle with the lenses turning into a steam room window every time you chuck on a mask, do yourself a favour and grab some Clearwipe Antifog Lens Cleaners. These soft microfibre wipes not only remove 97% of germs but also keep your specs fog-free all day long, meaning you can rock your mask without going legally blind. Additionally, if you play sport or cycle with glasses, these are a great accessory to keep in your back pocket.

Buy it here

Blunt umbrella

Image: Blunt

Blunt Stealth: The Invisible Brolly

Alex de Crespigny – Editorial and Social Co-ordinator

I had a very weird delivery this week. Early on Monday morning, a shady looking fella in a hi-vis shirt dropped off a rectangular box at my door and then disappeared like a rabbit in a hat. I gave the box a good shake and when I was convinced it wasn’t something too nefarious, I decided to open it. Inside was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. What seemed to be the handle of an umbrella and… nothing else. I searched further but, for the life of me, I couldn’t see the ‘brella’ part of the contraption anywhere.

Life’s pretty strange at the moment so I thought “what the hell”, and decided to test my new toy out in some of Sydney’s rain this week. I stepped outside into the drizzle, convinced that this silly stick without canvas was going to do nothing to keep me high and dry. Doubtfully, I pressed the button and held the stick above my head. For a moment, nothing happened. Then – wham bam thank you, mam – I was suddenly shaded from the rain. How unusual.

With my mind well and truly blown, I acted like a good little journalist and did some investigating for our dedicated readers. Like the Washington Post and Watergate, I uncovered something truly groundbreaking.

Born in a little lab on the outskirts of Auckland, NZ, a company by the name of Blunt developed the invisible brolly. Aptly named the Blunt Stealth, the new umbrella is adorned with a hi-tech camouflaged canvas that’ll keep you dry and entirely inconspicuous. On top of that, it’s strong and sturdy so it won’t blow away in the wind and it comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect your usual brolly to have.

If you’re in the need of one, grab it here. Just don’t leave the brolly lying around or it’ll disappear.

Check it out

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