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Redwood tactical v2 divers watch

Man of Many’s Staff Favourites – 30 July 2022

The good times are back in sight. The weekend vibes are hitting stronger than Sylvester Stallone’s ageing superhero Samaritan and the whole team at Man of Many is settling in for a few days cracking into bevvies at the pub. Forget about putting your feet up, the sun is actually shining for the first time in what feels like forever, so we’re dressing to the nines and heading out on the town, but before we do, there’s work to be done. Here’s Man of Many’s Staff Favourites for this week.

Redwood tactical v2 divers watch 1
Redwood Tactical V2 Diver’s Watch | Image: Redwood

Redwood Tactical V2 Diver’s Watch

Nick Hall – Editor-in-Chief

As much as I love timepieces, I’ve never really been a big fan of diver’s watches. I always found them to be excessively chunky, overly abrasive and, as a former non-conformist emo, a little too generic. Over the years, I’ve dulled my distaste and slowly I’m coming around to the idea of them, and pieces like Redwood’s Tactical V2 are a big reason why. The 40mm timepiece hails from Canada and arrives with a distinctly vintage aesthetic, playing off the traditionalist design language of the mid-1960s. Bold and simplistic by nature, the V2 feels more like an ode to past generations than a revamped iteration of the classic design. Sure, there’s a unidirectional bezel on hand, along with screw-down crown and markers printed with Super-LumiNova coating, but it still very much gives the impression of a bare-bones essential. There’s just something about the simplicity of the dial, paired with the army green nylon strap that just works. Also, coming in at just USD$189 for the solar and USD$269 for the auto, you can’t really go wrong. The Redwood Tactical V2 Diver’s Watch will be available Fall 2022 and I’ll definitely be checking them out when they land!

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Hello from Queenstown! & Sassy the Sasquatch

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

I’m away travelling in Queenstown at the moment as a guest of Airbnb, so this week will have to be a quick one. Given I’m in the snow and it’s cold, I thought it was all the more appropriate to share the latest series from the maker of The Big Lez Show, Sassy the Sasquatch. Part fever dream, part stoner’s delight, just sit back and enjoy this amazing animated series produced by a true blue Aussie. In the latest ep, Sassy is chilling in Antarctica where he makes a new friend. Be back on deck in Sydney in a couple of weeks.

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Staff favourites cordis auckland
Image: Cordis Auckland

Cordis Auckland

Frank Arthur – Co-Founder

I was recently invited to New Zealand to stay at the Cordis Auckland and it sure did impress. Although Cordis Auckland is the city’s largest hotel, it doesn’t feel like it. Somehow it maintains the contemporary style, charm and personal service you’d expect from a smaller boutique offering. From the impressive architecture and interior design right down to the ridiculously comfy signature Cordis Dream beds, every detail in this luxury hotel is well considered. And what really sets this hotel apart is the commitment to ensuring that the heart of New Zealand is embodied within everything about the hotel. This includes New Zealand’s largest curated locally commissioned art collections. While there are impressive food and drink options at the Cordis Auckland, its prime location is also a stone’s throw away from the buzz of the shopping and nightlife hub of Ponsonby Road, and a short walk from the Aukland’s scenic Harbourside.

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Non 1 copy
Image: NON

NON 0.0% Wine Alternative

Denise Barnes – Head of Branded Content

There’s no denying that I enjoy a good glass of wine, but what I enjoy even more is not being hungover. A mindful approach to alcohol consumption is continuing to rise, and I’m here for it. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of trying the full NON range (NON 1 to NON 7), and while each one is VERY different in taste, they all have one thing in common – they have managed to reinvent the wine occasion. It’s not trying to taste like a wine, but it is designed to compliment food in the most delicious way, which makes sense, as it’s made from top-grade food ingredients. Each NON has a flavour profile built from scratch and is perfectly balanced with key notes of floral, tannin, salinity & acidity.

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Becketts restaurant
Image: Beckett’s Restaurant

Beckett’s Restaurant

Tim Fernandes – Senior Sales & Partnerships Manager

Whether it’s bushfires, floods or the pandemic, Australia’s regional towns have had it tough over recent years. Cue the “Town & Country” culinary series by Glebe’s historic bistro, Beckett’s, which aims to showcase guest chefs and the best of regional Australian produce for Sydneysiders to enjoy. Envisioned and executed by celebrated executive chef and Beckett’s co-owner, Jeff Schroeter (Bistro Moncur, Bayswater Brasserie), the Town & Country series is a must-go for foodies looking to rediscover some of Australia’s best regional delicacies and what they have to offer. The first of the series was a one-night-only 5-course Truffle Dinner with Orange-based vineyard and truffle experts Borrodell Estate. Of course, it was a decadent evening with delicious food and award-winning truffles appearing creatively in every dish, but making it truly special was the evening co-hosted by the owners of Borrodell estate who took us through the history of truffles in Australia and a Q&A session about the rise of Orange as such a culinary destination. This is what sets Beckett’s “Town & Country” series apart, an opportunity to meet and interact with the regional owners and chefs and have some exceptional food and paired wines at the same time. Keep an eye on the “What’s On” section of Beckett’s website for the next event.

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The gospel pinot noir vermouth
The Gospel Pinot Noir Vermouth | Image: The Gospel Rye Whiskey

The Gospel Pinot Noir Vermouth

Ben McKimm – Journalist – Automotive & Tech

Ok, so I might’ve just found the best vermouth for your Negroni‘s… friendly warning if you’re looking to continue Dry July. One of our favourite 17 Best Australian Whiskey Brands to Drink Right Now, The Gospel, have called on their Brunswick neighbours at Noisy Ritual to bring rye and wine together with the release of a Pinot Noir Vermouth, and it’s bloody delicious. The juice started as a Geelong Pinot Noir before being mixed with a selection of botanicals, and finally, a gentle resting in the brand’s Rye Whiskey barrels. Drink it however you want but our recommendation is to mix it into a Negroni – check out our recipe here. Priced at a very reasonable AUD$39 you can pick up a bottle via the link below.

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Montblanc legend red
Montblanc Legend Red fragrance | Image: Montblanc

Montblanc Legend Red

Sam Mangioni – Journalist – Entertainment & Culture

Not to brag, but this large Italian nose of mine has sniffed some of the best fragrances on the planet. It’s one of the many perks of working at Man of Many. However, the new Montblanc Legend Red aroused my nostrils in a way I hadn’t experienced before. Not to be vulgar, but my snout hairs haven’t been this erect since the first time I cooked bacon, and I really, really like bacon. Legend Red immediately hits you with a juicy freshness of blood orange and grapefruit, contrasted with cardamon. From there, aromas of juniper berry and cedarwood mingle give way to earthy, woody notes from cedarwood and tonka beans. Finally, the scent evolves with an amber and mahogany drydown. I could talk about this fragrance all day, but mere words feel like an injustice, so it’s best you give it a crack yourself. From the office to the bar, I’ve received compliments on my scent, proving I can’t be the only one digging its invigorating flavour.

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New balance xc 72
New balance XC 72 | Image: New Balance

New Balance XC-72

Rob Edwards – Branded Content Writer

I know I’m late to the party here, but in my defence, the New Balance XC-72 is not the kind of trainer I’d normally go for. However, there’s something undeniable about the oddness on offer here. You can resist as hard as you like, but it will ultimately get under your skin and win you over. It did me at the very least. While the exterior of the XC-72 may scream retro-futurism, the interior is all about comfort – once you try them on, don’t be surprised if you start eyeing your slippers suspiciously for letting you down in that department. Whether you wear them into the office, out for a run, or down the pub, they’ll turn heads every single time.

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Write a review before the coffee gets cold
Before The Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi | Image: Dymocks

Before The Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi

The Japanese bestseller is now an Aussie bestseller. Who doesn’t love a good time-travel story? Especially one with a cover THAT aesthetically pleasing. At only 200 pages and broken into four unique episodes, even those TikTok shortened attention spans can enjoy this novella. Take a seat at the cafe, reunite with the one that got away – just return before the coffee gets cold…

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Hot n saucy hot sauce
Image: Hot N Saucy

Hot N Saucy Hot Sauce

Jacob Osborn – Staff Writer

Don’t settle for boring condiments when you can score these handcrafted hot sauces instead. They come to us from Hot N Saucy, a brand that definitely thinks outside the box when creating some wildly effective flavour combinations. Take their best-selling Garlic N Peperoncini sauce, for example, which imparts a mild spiciness and signature sweetness and taste quite unlike anything I’ve ever tried. I’m not sure I’ll be slathering anything else on my morning eggs from here on after.

Curated in small batches by Harlem-based Chef Sam Davis-Allonce, these colourful hot sauces upend expectations in all the best ways. From Beet N Fresno to Sweet Potato N Habanero and more, they redefine their respective niche and turn your palate on in the process. Each one is vegetable-based, all-natural, and free from additives. Find your favourite and prepare to enter a flavour realm of no return. Yes, they’re that good.

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