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Man carrying Globe-Trotter luggage

27 Best Luxury Luggage Brands for Men’s Travel Suitcases

When travelling, inferior luggage should be the last thing you have to worry about. For that reason, you shouldn’t hesitate to throw a little extra cash on suitcases and carry-on bags from the best luxury luggage brands. Each brand has made a name for itself by way of sturdy, durable materials and optimal designs, meaning you won’t have to worry about the high-end luggage falling apart or failing to accommodate at the worst possible moment. Plus, you never know who’s scoping you out on the plane or at the airport, judging you by your travel gear. Best play it safe by sticking with the tried and tested high end luggage favourites. You’ll be happy you did.

For the top designer travel luggage, luxury suitcases, and men’s leather bags, check out our list of the best luxury luggage brands.

Rimowa aluminium luggage
Rimowa | Image: Rimowa

1. Rimowa

Distinguishing Rimowa luggage from the standard fare are the brand’s grooved cases of exceptional durability. To think, it all came about by chance in 1937. That’s when the company’s co-founder Richard Morszeck began using aluminium after every other production material was destroyed in a fire. Nowadays, you can choose between aluminium and polycarbonate for the material. Also featured are modern upgrades like integrated electronic tags. Dominating the durable luggage brand category, Rimowa has gear that will last.

Collections: Classic, Dior and Rimowa, Essential, Essential Lite, Essential Sleeve, Hybrid, Original, Rimowa x Garrett Leight
Price: from $500

Buy it here

Globe-Trotter green and brown luggage
Globe-Trotter | Image: Globe-Trotter

2. Globe-Trotter

Few high end luggage brands capture the heritage spirit like Globe-Trotter. Indeed, this is luggage literally fit for royalty, in that figures like Queen Elizabeth II have been counted among the brand’s numerous prestigious customers. Not only has Globe-Trotter been in business since 1897, but it still makes all its luggage by hand (if you can believe it). To call this one of the best British luxury luggage brands is practically redundant–the label’s reputation speaks for itself. They also do a range of plush accessories including the Globe-Trotter watch case designed to protect valuable watches while on the move.

Collections: Chelsea Garden, St. Mortiz, Original, Centenary, Collaboration (Paul Smith, England Polo, The Goring), Special Edition (Cruise, Safari), Deluxe Edition (Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, Caviar, Orient)
Price: from $915

Buy it here

MontBlanc black luggage
MontBlanc | Image: MontBlanc

3. MontBlanc

MontBlanc might make the best pens in the world, but that’s not all they do. More to the point, the brand’s accessories and travel essentials are no less brilliant or renowned. The iconic Trolley line–with its polycarbonate cases and leather trims–delivers top-shelf resilience and a sleek aesthetic in equal measure. Quality gear from a top German-based luggage brand.

Collections: 1926 Montblanc Heritage, 4810 Westside, Montblanc Extreme 2.0, Meistrertüch, Meistrertüch Soft Grain, My Montblanc Nightflight, Montblanc Sartorial, Montblanc Sartorial Jet, Urban Racing Spirit
Price: from $650

Buy it here

Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano aluminum luggage
Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano | Image: Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

4. Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

True to its Italian surroundings, Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano has been excelling at craftsmanship, design, and innovation since 1946. And while the magic might go down in Milan, the brand simply conquers on the world stage. Expect beautiful trollies of durable aluminum from this palpably Italian luggage brand, which is favoured by successful businessmen for obvious reasons. When you think of stylish, high-end carry-on luggage, think Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano.

Collections: Bank, Bank S, Bank Light, Bank Nick Wooster, Special Editions (Bedstation, Workstation, Cookstation, Pilates Station)
Price: from $430

Buy it here

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Victorinox brown luggage
Victorinox | Image: Victorinox

5. Victorinox

Victorinox has been in the travel game since before flying was even a thing, meaning they’ve had more than enough time to hone their craft in virtually every department. Primarily synonymous with ubiquitous Swiss Army Knives, the brand delivers the same tier of dependability, quality, and design with its acclaimed luxury travel gear. If form and function is your thing, this is your stylish men’s luggage brand.

Collections: Connex, Lexicon 2.0, Lexicon Hardside, Spectra 2.0, Werks Traveler 6.0
Price: start at $345

Buy it here

Male and female models carrying Smythson luggage
Smythson | Image: Smythson

6. Smythson

Putting the “luxury” in luxury luggage is Smythson, a British brand that employs quality leather on its handcrafted travel gear. In addition to bags and luggage, the brand also offers a variety of travel accessories like passport holders and wallets. It all comes draped in premium leather and dressed in elegant colour. If you’re looking for men’s leather luggage that is both stylish and built to last, try Smythson. From roller bags to carry-on luggage, trust years of handcrafted beauty.

Price: from $1,700

Buy it here

Bottega Veneta white travel bag
Bottega Veneta | Image: Bottega Veneta

7. Bottega Veneta

There’s no mistaking a Bottega Veneta product for any other, and that’s a good thing. If you like classic leather bags with an extra visual touch, then you’ll love this luxury brand. Sometimes, the distinguishing flourishes are modest, such as the splash of intrecciato checker woven onto the side of the brand’s Dark Barolo Briefcase. However, those little designer details render truly formidable impressions. Functional elegance lives here.

Price: from $1,360

Buy it here

Male model holding grey and brown luggage
Mulberry | Image: Mulberry

8. Mulberry

Here’s another luxury lugagge brand that needs no introduction. Indeed, Mulberry is British luxury, defined. Whether you’re buying a high-end carry-on, trolley, or backpack, expect nothing but the finest materials along with a resoundingly handsome aesthetic. It’s been this way since 1971, and it’s not stopping any time soon.

Collections: Medium Clipper, Four Wheel Trolley, City Briefcase, City Weekender, Clipper
Price: from $1,018

Buy it here

Male model holding Prada patterned luggage
Prada | Image: Prada

9. Prada

You already know the name Prada, just like you know that it’s an Italian fashion house of the highest regard. Naturally, the brand’s travel gear and accessories provide no exception to the travel label’s top-shelf standards. Expect luxury luggage that will last a lifetime, and look impeccable in the process.

Price: from $400

Buy it here

Ryan Gosling with Gucci luggage
Gucci | Image: Gucci

10. Gucci

For proof of Gucci’s excellence in the travel sphere, look no further than its Signature Carry-On. Made in Italy, the compact leather luggage hosts quality leather, gorgeous texture, palladium-toned hardware, and 360° wheels. Naturally, the luxury theme continues inside, where plush nylon lining gives your clothes a dreamy home on the go. Suffice to say, thise carry-on is but one among a range of legendary travel products from the brand.

Collections: Gucci Bestiary, Gucci Courrier, Gucci Eden, Gucci Print, Neo Vintage, Ophidia, Padlock, GG Black, Gran Turismo, Gucci 1955 Horsebit, Gucci Signature
Price: from $750

Buy it here

Two models carrying Thom Browne luggage
Thom Browne | Image: Thom Browne

11. Thom Browne

American fashion designer Thom Browne has been turning heads since 2003, and his high-end travel gear is one good reason why. If you want to keep things sophisticated, check out the brand’s calf leather tote or holdall and their elegant, signature patterns. If you like class and kitsch in equal measure, scope the Hector Toth, which is moulded in the shape of a dog. Quality travel luggage that works great for any length of trip.

Price: from $790

Buy it here

Model carrying YSL travel bag
Saint Laurent | Image: YSL

12. Saint Laurent

Superb design? Check. Quality materials? Check. Built-in reputation? Check. What more do you need from Saint Laurent and its remarkable travel bags? Each one fuses personality with prestige to brilliant effect. Our luxury brands list wouldn’t be complete without an entry from this French brand.

Price: from $875

Buy it here

Male model holding brown Brunello Cucinelli luggage
Brunello Cucinelli | Image: Clothbase

13. Brunello Cucinelli

Italian fashion brand Brunello Cucinelli gets downright philosophical when it comes to clothing, accessories, and travel gear alike. Specifically, the brand believes in the pursuit of profit without causing human suffering. Pair those principles with exemplary high-end luggage and you’ll be feeling and looking all kinds of good when you travel with this stylish gear by your side.

Price:from $3,190

Buy it here

Ermenegildo Zegna black luggage
Ermenegildo Zegna | Image: Ermenegildo Zegna

14. Ermenegildo Zegna

Italian fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna doesn’t slouch when it comes to designer travel luggage, and furthermore keeps expert pace with the times. The brand’s Leggerissimo Grey Cabin Smart Trolley is a prime example. It combines a polycarbonate shell with hand-cut Nappa leather accents, silent wheels, an ergonomic handle, and 2 external USB ports, thereby representing the ideal trifecta of smart, sturdy and stylish. What more could you possibly ask for?

Collections: Pelletessuta
Price: from $995

Buy it here

Tumi aluminium luggage
Tumi | Image: Tumi

15. Tumi

Oh Tumi, you had us at “ballistic nylon”. For decades, the award-winning brand has been employing the trusty material on its iconic travel bags, which undergo rigorous testing before hitting the proverbial shelves. This American luggage brand also goes to great lengths to raise the bar when it comes to current innovations and travel trends, giving Tumi a solid edge on the competition.

Collections: 19 Degree Aluminum, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Arrivé, Ashton, Merge, Tegra-Lite® 2, TUMI Latitude, TUMI V4, Voyageur
Price: from $350

Buy it here

Samsonite luggage
Samsonite | Image: Samsonite

16. Samsonite

You don’t have to be a huge fan of Dumb and Dumber to recognise the name Samsonite. That is to say, the brand has earned a substantial following all on its own, regardless of any big Hollywood shoutouts. In fact, Samsonite has been a global leader for over a century, to the point that the name itself is basically synonymous with lightweight, seemingly indestructible hard-shell luggage. If you don’t want to overthink the whole luggage-buying process, get yourself a Samsonite. Among the best durable luggage brands around, ever. There’s a reason the brand has been around for over 100 years, and will probably be around for 100 more.

Collections: 72H, Aspero, Bleisure, B-Lite 4, Cosmolite, Dream Rider, Dream Rider Deluxe, Evoa, Evoa Tech, Firelite, Lite-Box, Lite-Shock Sport, Magnum, Minter, Myton, Neopulse x Diesel, Oc2lite, Paradiver Light, Polygon, Prodigy, Robo II, Sammies Dreams, Spark SNG Eco, Stem, Theoni, TOIIS C, TOIIS L, Tri-Tech, Uplite SPL, Varro, Vestor
Price: from $200

Buy it here

Arlo Skye aluminium luggage
Arlo Skye | Image: Arlo Skye

17. Arlo Skye

Many of the best luggage brands have been in business for decades, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for newcomers. Speaking of which, meet Arlo Skye, a relatively nascent brand that’s wasted no time in making a name for itself. Between the scratch-proof aluminium bodies and full grain leather handles, each piece of Arlo Skye luggage emanates with luxury and utility alike. Meanwhile, Japanese-made wheels roll in zen-like silence. As if all that wasn’t enough, the cases come with built-in, TSA-approved portable chargers.

Collections: The Zipper, The Frame, Arlo Skye X Dusen Dusen
Price: from $350

Buy it here

Bric’s luggage
Bric’s | Image: Bric’s

18. Bric’s

If you know anything about luxury and travel style, then you’re already aware that no one delivers it quite like this Italian luggage brand. Making good on that reputation is Bric’s from Milan, which utilises a range of premium materials, colours, and designs when crafting its extraordinary luggage. If you like travel gear of the eye-catching variety, this high-end travel brand has your name written all over it.

Collections: B|Y Ulisse, B|Y Zeus, Venezia, Amalfi, Bellagio, Firenze, Life, Capri, Life Pelle, MySafari, Pronto, Riccione, Varese, X-Collection
Price: from $220

Buy it here

Valextra blue travel bag
Valextra | Image: Valextra

19. Valextra

Another premium men’s leather luggage brand hailing from Milan, Valextra represents the epitome of streamlined sophistication. The brand’s calfskin suitcases are the stuff of legend. Providing the functional touch is an extendable handle built into the side on cabin-sized models. It’s all crafted by Italy’s most talented artisans, and executed to perfection. Will this luxury travel gear cost you? You bet it will. But in return, you’ll get some of the best luxury luggage that money can buy.

Collections: Costca Suitcase, Trolley, Horizontal Trolley
Price: from $7,950

Buy it here

Briggs & Riley black luggage
Briggs & Riley | Image: Briggs & Riley

20. Briggs & Riley

Bolstered by a forward-thinking agenda, Briggs & Riley has become an industry leader in almost no time at all. The brand burst onto the scene in 1993, and has been innovating ever since. Take their Medium Expandable Spinner for example. It hosts patented Compression-Expansion Technology, allowing the luggage to expand up to 25 per cent, and then compress back down to its original size, meaning your clothes won’t shift around during transport. This designer luggage brand also created an “Outsider” handle, which results in a flat luggage base. As it turns out, originality is in the bloodstream over at Briggs & Riley. Specifically, the brand’s parent company, U.S. Luggage LLC, debuted the first wheeled luggage back in 1970.

Collections: Baseline, Sympatico, Rhapsody, Torq, @work
Price: from $240

Buy it here

Hartmann black luggage
Hartmann | Image: Hartmann

21. Hartmann

One look at Hartmann’s prestigious luggage and you already feel like you’re on vacation. That’s because the brand’s premium travel gear carries with it an air of distinguished leisure. Is it the elegant colourways? The prime leather? The answer is all of the above and more. More than one of the best and most seasoned luxury luggage brands, Hartmann is a perennial signifier of great taste.

Collections: 7R, Innovaire, Herringbone Luxe, Hartmann Tweed Legend, Hartmann Ratio Classic Deluxe 2, Hartmann Ratio 2, Hartmann Metropolitan 2, Hartmann Luxe Softside, Hartmann Herringbone Deluxe, Hartmann Excelsior, Hartmann Century Deluxe Hardside, Hartmann Century
Price: from $300

Buy it here

Model carrying Mark Cross travel bag
Mark Cross | Image: Lane Crawford

22. Mark Cross

Touting itself as America’s “first luxury leather goods brand” (with origins going back as far as 1845), Mark Cross accordingly puts premium leather to work on its celebrated quality leather luggage and travel accessories. By focusing on quality over quantity, the brand is able to deliver the utmost tier of absolute craftsmanship. If you like travel luggage with a backstory, check out the Grace Trunk, which resurrects the overnight case used by Grace Kelly in Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

Price: from $950

Buy it here

Male model carrying Ghurka luggage
Ghurka | Image: Ghurka

23. Ghurka

If only the highest quality leather will suffice, accept nothing less than Ghurka. For decades, the artisanal American luggage brand has been an absolute force in the luxury sphere, with bags and accessories that are designed to perfection and built to last. Nothing combines the spirit of travel with the essence of style quite like this label. That it’s one of the best luxury luggage brands basically goes without saying.

Collections: Blazer No. 278, Cavalier I No. 96, Cavalier II No. 97, Cavalier III No. 9, Editor No. 271, Editor No. 239, Express No. 2, Jasper II No. 750, Kilburn II No. 156, Kilburn Rs No. 252, Rucksack No. 33, Stadium II No. 71, Stash No. 67, Stowaway No. 594, Windsor No. 145
Price: from $795

Buy it here

Steamline white luggage
Steamline | Image: Steamline

24. Steamline

Infusing retro style with modern flair, Memories For Miles: Get a Lifetime of Adventure With RIMOWA hosts a range of brilliant luggage lines, which go by names like The Alchemist, The Artiste, and The Botanist, among numerous others. Along with those classic names you get steadfast construction, unmistakable design, and a variety of elegant colours. It’s then no surprise that this brand is such a hit among young travellers. Steamline finds the intersection of casual style and luxury.

Collections: The Sweetheart, The Architect (Navy, Cream, Burgundy), The Starlet, The Entrepreneur (Red, Navy, Lip Print), The Industrialist, The Diplomat – Cream, The Botanist (Pink, Grey, Purple), The Correspondent, The Editor (Black, Sea Green), The Maisonette X Steamline (Pink, Blue), The Mini, The Anthropologist (Orange, Navy), The Jetsetter (Red, Blue), The Artiste – Evergreen, The Alchemist
Price: from $395

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Louis Vuitton luggage
Louis Vuitton | Image: Louis Vuitton

25. Louis Vuitton

Another brand that needs no introduction, Louis Vuitton has been setting trends since 1854. The label’s iconic luggage simply oozes with distinction and dependability. If you like the best of the best, check out the Horizon range, which was conceived in partnership with industrial designer Marc Newson. No matter which designer product you land on, you’ll find signature checkered patterns, steadfast materials, and a profoundly comfortable vibe. This is what luxury travel is all about. From luxury luggage sets to luxury suitcases, this brand definitely sets the industry standard.

Price: from $1,940

Buy it here

Monos white luggage
Monos | Image: Monos

26. Monos

Founded in Canada, this modern luggage company takes their name from the Japanese concept of “mono no aware,” meaning a profound appreciation of the beauty in fleeting moments. That Japanese influence extends onto the brand’s design philosophy, which reaps maximum utility and organisation out of streamlined simplicity. Forged from high-grade materials and available in various colours and limited-edition patterns, stand-outs like the Carry-On Pro-Plus rise above their functional underpinnings to become cherished personal possessions.

Price: from $325

Buy it here

Sterling Pacific aluminium luggage
Sterling Pacific | Image: Sterling Pacific

27. Sterling Pacific

The luggage from Sterling Pacific is every bit as bold and formidable as its aerospace-grade aluminium construction would suggest. Both of the brand’s flagship products—the 80L Check-In Travel Case and a 35L Carry-On (aka Cabin Travel Case)—make for daring fashion statements with steadfast performances to match. Smooth wheels, full-grain leather handles, and aluminium reinforcements round out their robust frameworks whilst dialling up the distinctive aesthetic. Pop the slender lid of either model to find ample room and protection for all your travel essentials. Don’t settle for ordinary luggage when you can score these expertly crafted bad boys instead.

Price: from $1,950

Buy it here

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General FAQs

What is the best quality luggage brand?

There are a number of quality luggage brands on the market, however, staples such as Rimowa, Samsonite and Globe Trotter offer extreme durability and protection, making them more than just a stylish accessory.

What are the top luggage brands?

The most popular luggage brands are Samsonite, Globe-Trotter, American Tourister, Prada, Briggs & Riley, and Hartmann. The blend of heritage, durability and materials make these luxury luggage options the top picks for travellers across the globe. However, there are a wealth of independent brands you shsould add to your list.

What is the most expensive luggage brand?

While Globe-Trotter and Away offer some luggage pieces on the higher-end of the spectrum, premium leather brand Valextra's main range starts from $7,950. That being said, the most expensive luggage ever sold was a Louis Vuitton set that went for a cool USD$601,340.

Do airlines prefer hard or soft luggage?

In a basic sense, soft luggage is easier to manoeuvre and position within the storage confinements of an aeroplane, making it preferable for airlines. However, hard luggage is far more durable, which can be a better option for the passenger. Provided you have purchased enough baggage for your flight, the decision is purely personal.