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Samsung’s New AI-Powered Ovens Can Create Shareable Post-Cook Highlight Reels 

For those of us without the culinary skills of a MasterChef contestant, the idea of cooking up a storm can be an intimidating prospect. As often as not, ingredients bought with the best of intentions wait in vain to be transformed into a nutritious meal, ultimately winding up in the bin, but not before they give the fridge a less-than-desirable odour. 

What’s more, for those like yours truly, whose in-kitchen time management could do with some work, cooking multiple dishes simultaneously can be a source of genuine frustration. At least I’m not alone; a recently commissioned Cooking Research Report from Samsung Australia has revealed that 44 per cent of Aussies share this frustration, and I imagine a good portion of the remaining 56 per cent just don’t bother at all.

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Samsung ai oven range 2
Image: Samsung

With all of this in mind, Samsung has launched a new range of ovens within its built-in cooking range, featuring AI (and just general smart) technology that the brand claims is designed to help make the kitchen a less intimidating place. 

With cooking ambassador and Australian chef Andy Allen on hand, Samsung explained how this tech uses features like Sense Inside to recognise ingredients, recommend recipes, and optimise settings to ensure everything is cooked to perfection. It will even alert you on your smartphone if something you’re cooking is getting dangerously close to burning.

Plus, the aforementioned time management shortcomings can be assisted by Samsung’s new Dual Cook Flex technology, which means that within a single oven you can have two compartments that are set to different temperatures simultaneously — no more worrying that one element of a meal is getting too cool while the other is only halfway through cooking. 

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Samsung ai oven range 3
Aussie chef Andy Allen | Image: Samsung

Naturally, these devices are Wi-Fi enabled. After all, in an era when everything else is, what could be more normal than a Wi-Fi-connected oven? Kidding aside, this enables you to use your smartphone to remotely monitor and control your oven, cooktop, and range hood — a handy way to keep an eye on the roast while you’re finishing a schooner at the pub on the corner. And once you’re done, your oven’s built-in AI camera can create post-cook highlight videos to share with friends or across social media (if you’re so inclined).

If that sounds a bit excessive, just wait. I guarantee it won’t be long before you see the cooking enthusiasts within your social circle sharing footage of the cake they just made; baking to perfection, its rising soundtracked by theme from the 2001: A Space Odyssey

Discover Samsung’s new cooking range via the link below.