The Beauty of the Autohaus is Only Outdone by the Cars It Displays

What do you do when you have a car collection that’s the envy of every guy you know? You build a house that showcases those cars.

The Autohaus, located in central Texas, USA, is an example of what can happen when a visionary architecture firm partners with a talented general contractor. The Matt Fajkus Architecture team and Risinger Homes were responsible for the design, fabrication, and installation of this house. Featuring an everyday carport as well as unblocked viewing of the car collection, the Autohaus houses roughly a dozen vehicles, which can be viewed from the large glass windows of the second floor.

autohaus car for display

The living space is no slouch either. The bedchamber hovers over the carport by using a 20-foot cantilever. The house is filled with custom-made glass and steel sliding doors. When you’ve had your fill of viewing the cars, you can always escape to the roof terrace to enjoy the trees and the breeze.

autohaus kitchen dining drawing and veranda view

MF Architecture works to create unique projects that fulfil their clients’ dreams. Not only do they collaborate as a team, they also work closely with the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture to advance theoretical and technological research. They also emphasize sustainability in their projects and work toward positive change in design.

autohaus outer glass window view

The Autohaus really is an architectural wonder. But, when you’re displaying one of the best auto collections around, you can’t slack off on the house.

Check it out

autohaus painting and working space view

autohaus people waiting on room beside veranda

different types of car in front of autohaus

people talking on autohaus workshop tool

autohaus car display with men on rooftop cabin

autohaus two car outside gate and rooftop cabin

autohaus black car back side

people on autohaus terrace

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