Sydney’s Observer Hotel’s Beer Garden Gets Jamie Durie Treatment

Considering how much time Australians love to spend in sun-drenched beer gardens, it’s hard to believe that some of our favourite pubs are coming up short in the outdoor drinking department. One such example was The Observer Hotel in Sydney’s The Rocks, which, though existing as a favourite watering hole for locals and visitors alike since 1844, had a thoroughly neglected square of concrete out the back for punters hoping to get some fresh air while they enjoyed a delicious frothy.

Speaking of delicious frothies, Belgian wheat beer Hoegaarden decided it was time to do something about this little issue of neglect, and has launched Beer Gaarden Blitz. Riffing on Australia’s Backuard Blitz, which was for years hosted by affable landscaper Jamie Durie, Beer Gaarden Blitz has seen Durie return to his roots (heh) and get to greening the otherwise drab space.

Using topiary to create a canopy, functioning bench and seating space, and the appropriate addition of Espalier Orange Trees (a subtle nod to Hoegaarden’s original recipe), Durie and his team worked around the clock to turn The Observer’s outdoor area from a barren space to a lively beer garden which acts as an appropriate homage to the delicious Belgian beer.

“It’s important for regulars to have spaces like the new Hoegaarden garden to help escape from the urban sprawl,” says Durie. “The Observer Hotel is an iconic and beautiful venue in the heart of Sydney, and to be able to add all these wonderful, natural and green elements to the space has been incredibly rewarding for myself and the team.”

Watch the clip above to see how they pulled it off, or head to the website below.

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