Tiny Homes Evolve with the Richmond Micro Apartment by Tsai Design

It was only a matter of time before the tiny home movement evolved into the apartment sector, and the Richmond Micro Apartment from Tsai Design is a prime example of this evolution. “Micro” is definitely a good description of this apartment. When the owner first purchased it, the apartment measured only 35 square meters, and didn’t even have a working kitchen. Tsai Design took on the challenge of refurbishing the unit—a challenge that required a lot of ingenuity and innovative interventions.

richmond micro apartment drawing room

The basic layout of the apartment stayed the same, so creating the feeling of a big house meant having to come up with flexible furniture and features. Walls fold into different configurations and then tuck into each other. For instance, the dining area is put together by pulling out a wall that folds out to provide a table, while collapsible stools provide the seating but can then be folded up and stowed out of sight. The architect wanted to also bring in a feeling of the outdoors, so he included a “green” wall in the bathroom—the wall is actually living moss.

bike in a wall micro apartment

Tsai Design took the 1970s era space and transformed it into a one-bedroom apartment with a home office with a hidden kitchen. Tsai Design stuck to their philosophy of questioning the practice of living in excess—space and number of belongings—and pairing it down to a smaller, but comfortable living arrangement.

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