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Anker everfrost 40 things to consider

Anker’s Everfrost 40 Battery-Powered Cooler is Camping’s Next Big Thing

If the idea of a battery-powered cooler is appealing to you as a camper or adventurer you’re in for a nice surprise. Just like electric vehicles, mobile phones, laptops, etc., lithium batteries have become more compact, efficient, and effective for various outdoor uses in the last few years. I believe battery-powered fridges (or coolers) are the next big thing in camping, and to test the theory I got my hands on Anker’s Everfrost 40.

Should you consider buying one of these over your traditional 12-volt Dometic or Engel fridge/freezer? What are the downsides of battery-powered fridge ownership? Let’s take a closer look.

A portable camping fridge on wheels with a fold-out table, 2-day battery life, and enough space to hold 54 cans. What more could you ask for?The EverFrost 40 is a very big unit and requires a car large enough to fit it, plus luggage. Battery can deplete quickly in extreme temperatures or when airflow is reduced.This is a great alternative to semi-permanent 12-volt fridges. Remember to charge the battery, and monitor closely in extreme weather, and you’ll be sipping happily from cold beverages.

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Anker everfrost 40 open
A step-up from ice coolers, but not as permanent as a fixed 12-volt solution in your car | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

How Much is the Anker Everfrost Cooler?

The Anker Everfrost cooler range starts at AU$1,499.95 for the Anker EverFrost 30 (33-litre) fridge. For this review, I chose to test the middle-of-the-range Anker EverFrost 40 which is priced from AU$1,699.95. The top-of-the-range Anker EverFrost 40 is priced from AU$1,999.95.

A full side-by-side spec sheet can be found at the end of this review.

Anker everfrost 40 battery removed
You can even remove the battery and use it as a stand-alone charger for your phone or laptop | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

What’s the Advantage of a Battery-Powered Cooler?

When you’re sick of dealing with heavy ice coolers but you’re not willing to spend thousands of dollars installing a dedicated dual-battery setup in your four-wheel-drive, the battery-powered cooler has become the best solution to everyone’s problems. The Anker Everfrost 40 I’m testing in this review is powered by a detachable 299Wh battery to keep food and drinks at optimal temperature for up to 42 hours.

In my testing, the battery life varies greatly depending on the factors at play e.g. if your fridge is trying to cool down all 54 cans that it’s capable of carrying, it will drop very quickly. It will also lose battery if it’s cramped tightly into the back of a car and there’s little airflow to the battery which tends to get hot and discharge quicker. On the other hand, when you’re sitting around a campfire at night and the weather gets cooler (I tested around 10 degrees Celsius) the battery lasts a very long time, going from 100-60% overnight.

If you’re on the road for longer journeys you can keep the cooler charged while you’re driving by using the 12-volt plug. Alternatively, if you’re going to a destination with mains power you can connect via a wall socket for super fast charging in around 4 hours. If it’s more convenient for you, we recommend the rapid recharge that’s possible via a 60W USB-C connection, which goes from 0-100% in 5.8 hours.

The brand also makes a 100W solar panel (Anker 625 Solar Panel) that can fully recharge the fridge in as little as 3.6 hours of direct sunlight. However, I didn’t get a chance to test that for the purpose of this review.

Anker everfrost cooler charging mobile phone
Notice the cable charging my iPhone from the USB-A port on the fridge | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

As you’re lugging around a giant lithium battery, you can also use the 2x USB-A ports and 1x USB-C port to discharge and recharge your phone, camping lights, tablet, laptop, camera, drone, etc. while you’re hanging around the campfire.

Speaking of which, it might be a little heavy to carry around with you (2-person lift), but with durable 6-inch wheels, I had no issues pulling the fridge through sticks, bush, or on the sand at the beach once we lifted it out of the car. I’ll note here that the grab handles on either end are very sturdy, but the pull-out extension table that doubles as the handle when rolling the cooler feels flimsy. The bottle opener on the side of the fridge is also awkward to use as it doesn’t extend or remove.

What does work really well is the phone app that connects to the fridge and monitors the battery level, temperature, voltage protection level, and on/off switch.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Battery-Powered Cooler

As you can see above, there are plenty of reasons to buy a battery-powered cooler. However, I did run into a couple of issues when packing this into the tray of my Jeep Gladiator for a weekend away camping.

  1. They can be big and bulky: note the dimensions and weight, it’s bigger than a 12-volt cooler.
  2. They require recharging: remembering to do so is important.
  3. They slide around: if you do have plenty of space, you’ll have to strap it down.

These are the only real negatives I’ve found in my time with the Anker EverFrost 40-litre battery-powered cooler. If you’re a casual camper or adventurer and you’re not looking to invest in a dedicated 12-volt set-up with a fridge/ freezer I believe this is a much better solution than ice chests.

Full List of Specs for the Anker Everfrost Cooler Range

ModelAnker EverFrost
30 (33L)
Anker EverFrost
40 (43L)
Anker EverFrost
50 (53L)
Cooler Time: 39°F (4°C)42 hours35.8 hours27 hours
Cooler Time: 32°F (0°C)35 hours30 hours20 hours
Cooler Capacity33L/8.7 gal43L/11.36 gal53L/14 gal
No. of 12 oz. aluminium cans38 cans54 cans62 cans
Size65 x 43 x 48.7 cm74 x 43 x 48.7 cm86 x 43 x 48.7 cm
Weight22.2 kg / 48.9 lbs 24 kg / 52.9 lbs 27.5 kg / 50.3 lbs 
Battery Capacity299Wh299Wh299Wh
Max Solar Power100W100W100W
Adapter Power95W95W95W
Connections2x USB-A (12W each)1x USB C (60W)
Input/Output power
2x USB-A (12W each)1x USB C (60W)
Input/Output power
2x USB-A (12W each)1x USB C (60W)
Input/Output power
Temperature Range-20°C – 20°C / -4°F – 68°F-20°C – 20°C / -4°F – 68°F-20°C – 20°C / -4°F – 68°F

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