Alfa Romeo’s Potential New Design? – The C18 Concept

Italian automotive designer, Antonio Paglia has generated numerous car and motorcycle concepts in the past. And he has created another, this time for Alfa Romeo. He has created 10 concept renderings to showcase what he believes a futuristic Alfa Romeo sports car would look like.

alfa romeo c18 top view

Labelled as the ‘C18’, this concept has a wide body with a honeycomb patterned windscreen that merges with the hood. There’s also LED headlights and daytime running lights with the traditional Alfa Romeo triangular shaped front grille. This supercar is in the traditional red and black colour that are known to today’s sport cars. Overall, the futuristic design almost looks like it can be part of the next Transformers movie.

alfa romeo c18 silver color side

This unique, front-engined supercar remains a concept, and there is no official information that the C18 will be part of Alfa Romeo’s future range. However, Paglia’s renderings can be used to inspire the Italian manufacturer’s designers to generate game changing designs for Alfa Romeo in the future.

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