Beau Lake’s Electric Boats Aren’t Preachy

Electric vehicles often have a very didactic air about them. It’s almost as if they are trying to preach a sermon about the importance of saving the environment while also providing transportation. Beau Lake went the opposite direction with their electric boats.

The Tahoe and the Lugano may be powered by electricity, but their style is the classic wood boat aesthetic that beckons you to spend a day on the water lounging in the sun.

the lugano tpp view for electric boats

The Tahoe is designed as a vintage lake runabout, complete with inlaid mahogany veneer for the deck and a hand-carved mahogany tiller. Thanks to its moulded and lightweight fibreglass hull, the Tahoe is easy to launch and haul. It has a self-draining construction, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it covered when not in the water.

It comes with marine-grade upholstered seats and a removable two-compartment cooler. There’s even a matching charcuterie board for serving up a quick meal out on the water. The Tahoe is powered by a Cruise 2.0FP and uses a 24-1500 Lithium smart battery from Torqeedo.

the Tahoe Electric Boats by beau lake

While the Tahoe uses a classic wood look, the Lugano tends more toward the looks of classic cars. Just like the Tahoe, it has a hand-carved mahogany tiller as well as the marine-grade upholstery, the cooler, and the charcuterie board. It also sports the same motor and battery, and has the same hull construction.

The main difference comes in the fibreglass deck in place of the mahogany.

the tahoe's classic wood look electric boats

For pricing, you’ll have to reach out to Beau Lake. Whatever the cost, however, it will be worth it just for the craftsmanship. Then there’s always the fact that you’ll have a handsome boat that doesn’t sermonize about the virtue of electrification—it just gets you out there on the water and looking good.

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Beau Lake Electric Boats

electric boats compartment for cold drinks

top view of the tahoe electric boats

Electric Boats top view in beau lake