Behold the Majesty of Jeff Bezos’ $727 Million Superyacht as it Sets Sail for Sea Trials

It seems like Jeff Bezos has temporarily traded in his astronaut suit for a captain’s hat. That’s right, the Amazon billionaire is taking a break from space exploration to focus on something a little more down to earth (or should we say, down to sea). The enormous sailing yacht commissioned by the tech tycoon, measuring an impressive 417 feet (127 metres), recently took to the open ocean for testing. This luxurious vessel, which cost an estimated $500 million  (AUD $727 million), was referred to as Y721 during the long years of development and construction by its makers, Oceanco. However, Bezos has given it a new name, the Koru, after a Māori symbol representing the spiral of an unfurling fern frond.

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Jeff Bezos Oceanco Sailing Yacht

Image: Bjorn Mierop for Boat International

“Its circular shape conveys the idea of perpetual movement, and its inward coil suggests a return to the point of origin. The Koru therefore symbolises the way in which life both changes and stays the same,” according to a definition from the government of New Zealand.

The Koru is currently undergoing testing on the open seas, which is one of the final stages before delivery to its new owner. Once delivered to Bezos, the three-mast schooner, which first hit the water for transportation at the end of last year will become the world’s latest sailing yacht (the 142.8m Sailing Yacht A is classed as a motor-assisted sailing yacht) as it eclipses the 109.5m Sea Cloud. The Dutch Yachting YouTube channel recently shared footage of the yacht undergoing this testing phase, giving boat enthusiasts a glimpse of its impressive capabilities (see above).

Jeff Bezos Oceanco Sailing Yacht

Image: Bjorn Mierop for Boat International

The Koru had a controversial beginning, as Oceanco requested the Rotterdam government’s permission to dismantle a historic bridge to transport the yacht to the open water. The Koningshavenbrug bridge had previously been dismantled for renovations in 2017 and had become a symbol of local resistance against the Nazis during World War II. When news spread that the bridge might need to be dismantled again, Dutch citizens were outraged and threatened to pelt the yacht with eggs. Eventually, the Rotterdam city council denied Oceanco’s request, and the boat was moved to a different shipyard early in the morning, without its masts.

The Oceanco Y721 Koru has an eye-catching black hull that stands out against its white superstructure. While not much is known about its specific features, it is rumoured to have a spacious pool located towards the back and several decks designed for basking in the sun. However, we’re unsure if those aboard will be able to ask Alexa for directions on the water…

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