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Sunreef 55 ultima 2

Sunreef 55 ULTIMA is a Luxury Catamaran With a Walk-Around Deck

Sunreef isn’t one to rest on its laurels. Just take into account the massive stable of options that the yacht builder offers customers. With the addition of its latest design – the Sunreef 55 Ultima – the library of yachts available is brought to a whopping 40 examples. But that isn’t the only thing the new 55 Ultima has going for it. The hybrid catamaran boasts an innovative design as well as an impressive blend of “speed, stability and luxury.”

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Sunreef 55 ultima 3

Sunreef 55 ULTIMA | Image: Sunreef

When it comes to the Sunreef 55 Ultima, one of the things new owners will appreciate is its eco-friendliness. The yacht comes equipped with 2,600 square feet of solar panels that are fully integrated into the bodywork of the catamaran and can generate 46 kWp. These panels feed into batteries that are exceptional because of their lightness, which helps increase the yacht’s efficiency. The batteries power twin 100 Eco sports 270 kW electric motors from Sunreef. When you don’t want to run the motors, the yacht can also harness the wind or lift its sails to get a boost of speed alongside its motors.

In addition to the green powertrain, the yacht features many recycled materials in its construction. The new design also includes a swim platform that can be lowered as well as two fold-out platforms that can be opened up. When both are open or lowered, the catamaran has a stunning walk-around beach club for all to enjoy. The interior is fully customizable and an in-house team of designers will work with the customers to tailor the yacht to match their preferences. And finally, the yacht offers plenty of smart storage for all your toys.

“Sunreef Ultima is a powerful response to a new market demand,” explains Sunreef founder and president Francis Lapp. “We now have the ultimate hull shape for all those who are looking to enjoy quick getaways in speed, comfort and style. To achieve this, we combined the best of the multihull and monohull design philosophy. This concept is all about fast cruises, vast living space and energy efficiency.” The yacht will be built in the United Arab Emirates, with the first ten units already having been ordered.

Check out the Sunreef 55 ULTIMA

Sunreef 55 ultima

Sunreef 55 ULTIMA | Image: Sunreef

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