Codecasa’s Jet 2020 Superyacht Complete with Helipad

It’s pretty clear why the Codecasa Jet 2020 Superyacht got her name. The front of the boat has the same look that you would expect to see on an airliner’s nose and cabin. The long black stripe on the side brings to mind wings, while the helicopter landing pad on the back finishes off the look with a striking resemblance to a jet’s tail section. Codecasa Shipyards wasn’t kidding when they say that water and air meet in the project.

CODECASA superyacht

The Jet 2020 measures 70 meters in length and borrows heavily from the aviation industry for its stylistic features. The central body of the vessel, which is meant to resemble a jet’s fuselage, features plenty of size that comes replete with a Sun Deck that measures an impressive 20.00 meters long and 10.00 meters wide. Here you’ll find a recessed swimming pool as well as a large sunbathing mattress and a covered gymnasium. In the aft section there is a Beach Club as sea level that connects to the Skylounge with large glass windows, a salon, and the main dining room via a lift. The main deck of the craft is reserved solely for the Owner’s Suite. Guest accommodations include four cabins in the lower deck, where there will be space for 10 passengers. In the forward area you’ll find the crew quarters.

CODECASA jet 2020 superyacht

The helipad on the tail of the yacht nicely fits a helicopter of medium to large size. A double tender area on the sides of the ship are shaped to look like the intakes of a jet engine. Codecasa plans on completely outfitting this craft with their latest and greatest technical equipment, making this a yacht that will sail through the waters like a jet cutting through the clouds. No definitive word on any details has been released, but construction is slated to begin in 2020.

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