The Dune Hybrid Boat Concept is One Sleek Vessel

It’s a luxury sailboat! Wait, it’s a motorboat! Actually, it’s both. From designer Eugeni Quitlett comes the Dune Hybrid Concept. As elegant as is powerful, the boat represents the best of all worlds and carves out its own niche in the process. Of course, one look pretty tells you everything you need to know about the formidable stunner, which would definitely add some distinguished style to the high seas should it ever go into production. Sleek is hardly the word.

dune hybrid boat concept lighting

Worthy of Batman on holiday, the Dune Hybrid Boat Concept is beautiful both inside and out. On the commodious, dune-shaped deck is an open cockpit and sculpted navigation panels. Inside the stern is a concealed engine to power the propeller. Down below you’ll find six luxury cabins and gold finishing throughout.

dune hybrid boat concept top view

Touted by Quitlett as a piece of “power poetry” from his “Pandora box”, the Dune Hybrid Concept remains the stuff of fantasy for now. Should it ever come to fruition, it would make an absolutely terrific cruiser, putting the wind in your hair and making the sea itself your domain. After all, who needs a super yacht when you have this swift beast at your disposal?

Check it out

dune hybrid boat concept front

dune hybrid boat concept design

dune hybrid boat concept luxury decoration

dune hybrid boat concept wood color design

dune hybrid boat concept wood back side

dune hybrid boat concept feature

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