Nikola WAV Electric PWC Creates a New Standard

Nikola Motors has been making waves in the electric motor world, and now they’re taking those waves to the water. You wouldn’t think that an electric motor and water would mix, but Nikola is proving that to not be the case. The Nikola WAV Electric PWC (personal watercraft) uses Nikola’s electric platform to have you creating wakes in the lake. The craft is completely waterproof, earning an IP68 waterproof rating.

Blue Nikola Wav ketski

Built with a sleek, angular look, the WAV has a futuristic aesthetic to it, and takes its design notes from modern race bikes. Though it maintains the same basic shape as other personal watercraft, the WAV has straighter lines and crisper corners. Under the hood, the WAV uses Nikola’s new adaptable battery architecture, which Nikola put together from scratch for this project.

electric pwc nikola

The WAV comes with some pretty innovative bells and whistles, such as LED lights in the front and back and cruise control. It also features a 12-inch waterproof 4K touchscreen in the dash for you to monitor performance. You also get a huge storage area that stretches the length of the craft. Jordan Darling, Vice President of Nikola’s Powersports Division, had this to say about the WAV: “This watercraft defies the norm and creates a new standard.”

Nikola hasn’t released much else in terms of stats, but preorders are being accepted and the WAV will be released in the early 2020s.

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