Osseo 72M Sailing Yacht Concept Departs for Inspiration

It does industries good to take a fresh, new look at how things are always done. Igor Jankovic does just that for the yachting world with his Osseo 72M Sailing Yacht Concept. Designed with a carbon fibre and graphene hull, the yacht can be powered by both diesel and electric motors that supplement the main form of locomotion—the DynaRig sails.

There’s room for up to twelve guests aboard the yacht, as well as a plethora of activities, including an in-deck hot tub at the stern of the craft. The semi-transparent roof made of tinted glass gives an open and expansive feel to the luxurious interior.

sailing yatch

On the exterior, the yacht is coloured with a combination of black and chameleon blue-purple colours, which complements the glass while also contrasting with the warm tones of the deck. The main saloon is left open to allow for gathering and socialising. The master suite, in the stern of the boat, offers comfort while continuing the theme of minimalism.

pool view yatch

The design of the Osseo 72M Sailing Yacht Concept displays a unique and inspiring approach to yacht building, one that will influence future generations of shipwrights.

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