The Size of Oceanco’s Tuhura Superyacht Will Blow Your Mind

When you first look at the Oceanco Tuhura Superyacht, canoes come to mind. That’s only because of the design of the craft—it looks like a hybrid between a canoe and a kayak. But when you read how big the superyacht is, you come to understand that this is no meager canoe. The Tuhura measures in at a humungous 377 feet. That’s larger than an American football field.

Oceanco owns the idea that this yacht resembles a canoe. As they explain, that design is one of the “tried-and-true designs of ancient times.” Sometimes those simple designs, the designs that have been passed down through generations, are exactly what is needed. After all, they wouldn’t last as long as they do if they didn’t work. That’s why Lobanov Design called upon our history when designing this concept.

Of course, Oceanco will upgrade that ancient design, first with a contra-rotating propulsion system capable of propelling this mammoth yacht to 20 miles per hour. The thought behind this hybrid propulsion system came from BMT Nigel Gee Naval Architects. The interior, courtesy of Achille Salvagni, features brushed teak and natural bronze. The hull also has multiple horizontal windows, but thanks to a glass technology composed of a series of dots, you can only see the windows from the inside. On the outside, the windows blend seamlessly with the exterior. The concept was unveiled at the Dubai International Boat Show.

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