1966 Ferrari Dino Berlinetta GT Helped Shape the Exotic Car Company

Here is a 1966 Ferrari Dino Berlinetta GT for sale that any collector would be proud to have. The Ferrari was named for Enzo Ferrari’s first son, Alfredino “Dino” Ferrari. Dino made a lasting impression on the company. In the 1950s, Dino, with the help of engineer Vittorio Jano, convinced his father to start development of a line of Grand Prix cars. These cars were to feature V6 engines, with the first car being unveiled in 1957. The car quickly took honors in the world of Formula 1 racing, taking the World Drivers’ Championship as well as garnering second place in the Manufacturers’ Championship.

Nearly ten years later, the first Dino Berlinetta GT was designed. This Ferrari was the first to ever use a mid-engine, six-cylinder design. It was also the first to be designed as a road car. While it was designed as a road-going car, the Dino Berlinetta GT kept some of the details of its motorsports heritage.

The Dino Berlinetta GT being offered has been the crown jewel of a private collection for the past 25 years. It is in running condition, but does need a little attention. It has been featured in many books and even more articles. This one-of-a-kind Dino prototype was designed and built by Carrizzeria Pininfarina (an influential and successful Italian coachbuilder). The car is being offered through Gooding and Company.

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