This 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS by Scaglietti is Lucky to Be Here

Ferrari is an iconic brand with cars that have incredible histories. The 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS by Scaglietti offered by Sotheby’s has a history tied to Lady Luck. Named for Enzo Ferrari’s late son and heir, Alfredino “Dino” Ferrari, the Dino line was designed to compete with lower-priced sports cars. This particular car, chassis number 08454, rolled off the production line to be sent straight to the United States upon completion in May 1974. And that’s where the luck starts.

ferrari dino 246 gts headlights

The 246 GTS was purchased new from Chic Vandagriff’s Hollywood Sports Cars by Hollywood socialite and Texas oil money heiress Sandra West. West had become a bit of a tabloid celebrity in the mid-1970s because of her excessive lifestyle. She owned several Ferraris, and chose to be buried in one. Yes, buried. Her body, dressed in a favourite nightgown, was placed behind the wheel of her Ferrari and then encased—both her and the car—in concrete, and then interred in the Alamo Masonic Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas. She could easily have been buried in the 246 GTS, but instead selected her 330 America.

ferrari dino 246 gts inside

After a couple of owners, the 246 GTS ended up in the hands of William Bennett. Bennett had risen from the ashes of bankruptcy to building the Sahara Tahoe and Mint casinos in Vegas, as well as directing Circus Circus, forever changing how Vegas is run.

Few cars can claim that kind of history.

Check it out

ferrari dino 246 gts door handle

ferrari dino 246 gts engine

ferrari dino 246 gts side

ferrari dino 246 gts on the road

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