Ferrari Daytona Nart Spider for Auction

The look of Ferrari, Triumph, and BMW owes a debt of gratitude to Italian sports car designer Giovanni Michelotti. Through the 1950s, Michelotti designed both series-built and one-off cars for several firms before starting his own company. A part of that library of work includes a series of five cars created during the mid-1970s. The series was based on the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona, and was requested by NART principal Luigi Chinetti. One of those cars is now on auction with RM Sothebys.

front view ferrari daytona

The particular model on the block was given to Michelotti in 1976 with the instructions to configure it to road specifications. The Ferrari was redone in the style of the 1974 Turin show car, with cut-down doors and vent windows being de-emphasized. Five-spoke alloy wheels were added, as was a tan soft top in conjunction with a matching hard top. The car was given a two-tone, dark blue over the grey paint job. Inside, the interior was re-trimmed in orange leather.

ferrari daytona back view

This excellent example of automotive history has a rich history that includes not only Luigi Chinetti but also Giovanni Michelotti, making it a valuable addition to any collection.

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steering wheel ferrari daytona

dashboard and interior design ferrari

ferrari daytona wheel

light at the back of ferrari vehicle

side view ferrari daytona car